January 28, 2023

Ali Alouk Fartach (The Scabby Renegade)

Ringworm: Ali Alouk Fartach’s surname means ringworm in Turkish. This is why he is called the Scabby Antonio (Singer) Quixotic Novels Has A List Of  Renegade.

Ali Alouk Was a Galley Slave: Ali Alouk, aka the “Scabby Renegade,” rows as a galley slave for the “Grand Turk [Sultan Selim] for fourteen years.” At the age of thirty four, however, when he is “slapped by a Turk while at oar,” he grows enraged, abandons his faith, and kills his galley master.

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Ali Alouk is The King Quixotic Novels of Algiers Then Admiral of The Ottoman Fleet: Ali Alouk Fartach is “such an able man that, without resorting to the vile methods used by. most of the Grand Turk’s favourites to rise, [he] becomes the King of Algiers and then the Admiral of the Fleet, which is the third most important position. in the empire.” Since he defeats the Maltese flagship during the battle of Lepanto Antonomasia (Princess of the Kingdom of Kandy) The Quixotic Novels Blog, “the Grand Turk [Sultan] Selim promote[d] [him] to admiral [of his fleet] for having done his duty in the battle and [for] having carried off, as proof of his bravery, the standard of the Knights of Malta.”


Hometown: Ali Alouk’s hometown is Calabria.

Kind to Prisoners: According to Cervantes, Ali Alouk Fartach is “an upright man and very kind to his captives.”

His Men: After his death, Ali Alouk Fartach divides in his will his three thousand men. Some of Fartach’s men go to his renegades while others go to the Grand Turk. Sultan Selim, “who counts as a son and heir anyone who dies, and shares his wealth with his other sons.”

How He Captures the Captive Capitan (Cervantes): During the battle of Lepanto, Ali Alouk, who is “a bold and successful privateer, rams and overpowers the Maltese. flagship and only three knights of Malta [are] left alive on it.” Giovanni Andrea Doria’s flagship, upon which the Captive Captain serves with his company of sailors, “goes to rescue” the flagship. At this time, the captive captain, ever eager to do his duty, “leaps aboard the enemy galley, which then sheers off from [his] galley.” This severance “prevents [his] soldiers from following [him].” Left alone among so many enemies, the Captive Captain “can’t resist for long.” Thus, he is soon “overpowered and covered Antonio (Singer) Literature Article From Quixotic Novels with wounds.” Since Ali Alouk escapes with his entire squadron, the Captive Capitan ends up as a captive in his power. During his time as a galley slave, the captive Andres – Quixotic Novels’s Website captain rows for Ali Alouk, fighting in a series of naval battles off the Barbary Coast.

Refuge: During the second year of the captive captain’s captivity, Ali Alouk takes “refuge on Modon, an island near Navarino, [where he] disembarks his troops, fortifies the harbor Quixotic Novels Report entrance and waits there until Don John [of Austria goes] away.” This, in brief, is how Ali Alouk avoids having his entire Turkish fleet “caught in harbor.”

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