January 28, 2023

Alonso Lopez (BA)

Education: Though Alonso Lopez first says he is a master of the arts, later, he points out that he is only a bachelor of the arts.

Hometown: Alonso Lopez is a native of Alcobendas.

Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

Origin: Alonso Lopez comes from the city of Baeza Arms Transporter Quixotic Novels’s Website. with eleven other priests.

Don Quixote and Alonso Lopez’s Encounter: First, Don Quixote grabs Alonso Lopez’s mule’s reign, to inquire why a group of twelve penitents, dressed in mourning, carry a funeral bier. Since the mule is a jittery creature, he rears-up, bucks Alonso Lopez off his back, then falls on top of him, crushing his tibia, in the process. This accident prompts Alonso Lopez to explain that he is a master of the arts, a native of Alcobendas, come from the city of Baeza, with eleven other priests, to transport a litter containing the corpse of a gentleman who died in Baeza. Ultimately, Alonso Lopez is destined for Segovia (the dead man’s home town) where he hopes to bury his bones in a tomb. On his way to Segovia, Don Quixote asks Alonso Lopez who killed the corpse that he transports. Alonso Lopez replies that God did, with a pestilential fever. Don Quixote Explained Reference Fact list. Our knight responds by saying that God has “relieved him of the task he would have had of avenging his death, if anyone else had killed him.” Upset that Don Quixote broke his leg, Alonso Lopez tells him that he is “excommunicated from the church for laying violent hands on what is sacred, [since his leg] “will never be right again in all the days of his life.” In reply, Don Quixote says that he “did not think that he was attacking priests or anything to do with the Church, which he respects and adores as a good catholic and faithful Christian, but ghosts and phantoms from the other world.” After telling Don Quixote that he is banished because of what he did, not because of the malice with which he did it, Alonso Lopez rides away.



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