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Ana Felix Ricote (Ricote’s daughter)

Ana Felix’s Execution: Readers first encounter Ana Felix Ricote when her pirate brigantine is commandeered by a Spanish Admiral’s outpost galleys and flagship. Upon close approach, two drunken Ottoman sailors, under her seeming command, shoot two Spanish soldiers with their muskets. Before Ana Felix is hung from a nearby yardarm for this offense, the Viceroy of Catalonia, searching for reprieve, asks Ana a few questions about her life Quixotic Writers and times. Because Ana Felix’s “beauty is so great that it is like a letter of recommendation,” the Viceroy asks her: who she is; why her soldiers acted as they did; what the purpose of her actions are; and whether she is a Turk, a Moor, a Renegade, or a Muslim. In reply, Ana Felix says she is neither a Turk, a Moor, a Renegade, or a Muslim, but a Christian woman in dire straits. Since Ana Felix’s response intrigues the Viceroy asks her to tell him more. Encouraged by his inquiry, Ana Felix begs her execution be delayed long enough for her to recite the story of her tragic expulsion. Since the Admiral and the Viceroy “do not have so hard a heart to not be softened a bit by these words,” they stay Ana Felix’s execution so they can listen to her backstory.

Ana Felix’s Expulsion:

When Ana Felix’s father, Ricote, first hears Don Valasco’s edict ordering the Moriscos into exile, he leaves his home village to look for a safe place to shelter his family. But before he travels abroad, Ricote buries a great store of gold cruzados and doubloons in a secret hiding Andres – Quixotic Novels Report. place known only to Ana Felix. Per Ricote’s instructions, Ana Felix does not touch his buried treasure on any account. Subsequently, Ana Felix, her uncle, and aunt sail to Barbary and settle in Algiers.

Ana Felix’s Upbringing:

Ana Felix was “born of that unhappy and unwise Morisco race upon which a sea of misfortune poured down,” since they were expelled Quixotic Novels. from Spain for once being Muslims. Since Ana Felix is banished from Spain for having Morisco parents, she is taken by her uncle and aunt to Barbary, even though she claims that she is “a true Christian [and] a devout Catholic.” In explanation, Anna Felix says that she had a Christian mother and a Morisco father of sound mind, who went to Germany to see if he could better their life circumstances, since “in Germany everyone minds their own business and leaves everyone to live how they like.” Later, Ana Felix recalls that she was brought up well-behaved, since “neither in speech, nor in manner did she ever give any signs of being a Morisco,” so far as she is aware.

Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

Ana Felix’s Relationship with Don Gregario: As Ana Felix’s virtues grow, so does her beauty. And although “the reserve and seclusion of her life” is great, it is not great enough to prevent a young gentleman Creating A Literature From Quixotic Novels. named Don Gaspar Gregario, the eldest son of a lord of a nearby village, from finding opportunities to see and court her. After courting her for two weeks, Don Gregario falls deeply in love with Ana Felix: She, in turn, reciprocates his esteem. So strong is their bond of respect and devotion that Don Gregario retreats into exile with Ana Felix in Algiers. To travel to Barbary undetected, Don Gregario secretly mingles with Moriscos leaving other villages, since “he speaks the Morisco language” like a native. During his trip to Algiers, Don Gregario becomes great friends with Ana Felix’s aunt and uncle.

Ana Felix’s Interaction with the King of Algiers: Hearing of Ana Felix’s great beauty and lavish wealth, the King of Algiers, Ali Alouk, summons her to his chambers to ask what part of Spain she is from and what money and jewels she has brought with her. In response, Ana Felix tells Ali Alouk the undisclosed name and region of her home village and what money and jewels are buried there: “hoping that he is more drawn by his desire for material [gain] then by her beauty.” While Anna Felix and King Alouk talk, a messenger tells his King that one of the most handsome and graceful young men imaginable has come to Algiers with her. Upon realizing that he is referring to Don Gregario, Ana Felix is “thrown into great confusion,” considering the grave danger he is in, since “a handsome boy, or youth, is more highly prized than a beautiful woman among the Ottomans.” Enticed by reports of Don Gregario’s good looks, King Alouk tells Ana Felix to bring him to his throne room immediately. Ana Felix plays for time by saying, in imploring tones, that she did not bring a man with her but a woman who needs to wear elegant clothes fit for a royal viewing. Then she goes to Don Gregario, and tells him, in urgent tones, to hide his masculinity because if he reveals his manhood to the King of Algiers he will be in great danger. After 30 minutes Ana Felix returns with Don Gregario dressed as a Moorish woman. She then pretends that he is her female companion, so that he escapes becoming a eunuch in the King’s harem, or, worse yet, a sexual slave for Sultan Selim. But when Ana Felix formally presents Don Gregario to the Algerian King he is so “thunderstruck” by Don Gregario’s beauty that he decides to “keep him as a present for Sultan Selim.” To preserve her chasitity, the Barbary King lodges Don Gregario in the house of some “high ranking Moorish ladies,” where he can be guarded and waited upon in safety.

Ana Felix’s Escape From Algiers: Shaken  This Comprehensive Post By The Books Experts At Quixotic Novels by Don Gregario’s captivity, Ana Felix is emotionally unstable. But she keeps calm, speaks properly, and is shipped to Spain to gather her father’s hidden treasure. To ensure her Algerian return, Ana Felix is escorted by 30 Turks − two of whom are responsible for shooting two Spanish soldiers.

The Two Turks: Two “greedy and insolent Turks,” disregard king Alouk’s orders and “make raids along the Spanish coast to take some prize if they can.”

Ana Felix Pilots Her Brigantine: Fearing that her brigantine will be detected if she delays on the open sea, Ana Felix brings her galley ashore to find a protected shelter. But when a Spanish Rear Admiral captures her brigantine, Don Quixote Explained Reference Guide. Ana Felix proclaims her innocence by saying that she played no part in the crimes against the Admiral’s soldiers, and took no hand in the raids along the Spanish coast. Rather, Ana Felix claims she is an innocent Catholic woman who should be released immediately. Moved by “tender compassion, the Viceroy removes the rope that binds Ana Felix’s hands” and unknots the noose around her neck.


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