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Anselmo and Camila: Estranged Spouses

Their Marriage: When Anselmo falls madly in love with a beautiful young lady of high rank named Camila from the same city, he asks Lotario to convey to her parents his wishes to marry their daughter. After Lotario eases Anselmo’s way to marry Camila, Anselmo finds himself in Don Quixote wrote in a blog post possession of the object of his desires, and Camila is “so happy to gain Anselmo as her husband.” Thus, Anselmo values Camila as a treasured wife, “if not as much as he should, then at least as much as he can.”

Anselmo and Camila
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One Will: Anselmo not only asks Lotario to treat his house as his own again, check out Don Quixote blog article to Themes but he also assures him that his wife has no pleasure or desire other than those he wants her to have. Knowing as she does how fond Anselmo and Lotario are of each other, she cannot understand why Lotario has become so elusive. The idea that spouses think alike, feel alike, and act alike is repeated when Lotario says that although husbands and wives have separate souls, marriage was instituted to merge two posted to a Don Quixote`s blog different people into one flesh. Thus, since the “wife’s flesh is the same as the husband’s flesh, anything that blemishes one, affects the other because husband and wife are one and the same.” Later, when Anselmo asks Camila “to obey his request” to allow Lotario to look after his house, and dine with her, while he is away, Camila says that she “will do so, even though it is against [her] will.” When Anselmo tells Camila to stay in his house despite Lotario’s flirtations, she does not dare go to her parent’s house for fear of disobeying her husband.

Camila Tells Anselmo That It Is Inappropriate For Another Man To Take His Place When He Is Away: When Anselmo tells Camila to treat Lotario as she would her own husband, Camila says that it is not right for anybody to take his place at table Don Quixote officially announced while he is away. Moreover, Camila insists that Anselmo should trust her to run their household when he is gone, as she sees fit without the help of a man.

Anselmo Instructs Camila To Stay In The House Because He Will Return Soon: When Camilla sends Anselmo a letter stating that she shall have to go and stay at her parent’s house for a while since Lotario makes passes at her, Anselmo instructs the messenger to tell Camila that on no account should she leave the house since he will return soon.

Camila’s Plan To Convince Anselmo That She Is Faithful To Him: Camila devises a plan to convince Anselmo that she is faithful to him. First, she tells Lotario to make Anselmo hide in the garderrobe and reply to everything she says exactly as he would reply if he did not know that Anselmo was listening. Lotario complies and places Anselmo behind a tapestry. Then Camila enters the room with her maidservant Leonela and stages a dramatic a conversation by asking if it would not be better to stab Anselmo’s knife in her breast since she is “sore vexed with Lotario’s audacious and licentious eyes, which scorn his friend and dishonor [her], too.” In reply, Leonela begs her mistress to not take her own life because of Lotario’s seductions. Rather, Leonela urges Camila to kill Lotario instead as punishment for his infamy. Although Anselmo Characters blog content from Don Quixote considers rushing out of his hiding place to stop the murder of his friend, his curiosity gets the better of him and he remains hidden to find out what is going to happen. Eventually, Leonela fetches Lotario, while Camila soliloquizes on upholding her husband’s honor by making Lotario pay with his life for his traitorous lust. When Lotario enters the room, Camila asks him to tell her what he thinks of her and her husband. Lotario replies “he should not, for lesser charms than hers, be acting so contrary to his duty as a gentleman and to the holy laws of friendship which he has now violated and broken at the instigation of an enemy as dauntless as love.” In response, Camila asks Lotario what indiscretion of hers made him believe that he could win over her heart since she did not believe his many promises nor accept his abundant gifts. Then Camila claims that since “no man can persevere in his quest for love if it is not sustained by some glimmer of hope” some unintentional thoughtlessness of hers must have kept his hopes alive. Thus, Camila swears to inflict upon herself the punishment that he deserves. Then she lunges at Lotario and tries to bury the dagger in his chest, only to make a shallow wound in her armpit where she knows it can do no fatal harm. This sherade is enough to convince Anselmo that in Leonela he possesses “a pattern of chastity.” In sum, Camila fakes this scene so that she and Anselmo can take their pleasure together without suspicion or interruption.

When Camila Discovers That Leonela Will Tell Anselmo About Her Love Affair With Lotario She Takes Flight: When Camila discovers that Leonela is going to tell Anselmo the next day about her infidelity with Lotario, she collects her finest jewels and some money that very night and slips away from Anselmo’s house. Before fleeing, however, she tells Lotario what had happened so that he can find a safe hiding place for her: a place where Anselmo cannot find them. Eventually, Lotario removes Camila to a convent where one of his sisters is prioress. With, haste, then, Lotario takes Camila to a convent and leaves her there. Then, Lotario departs from the city without telling anybody.

Anselmo Discovers That Camila Has Vanished Without A Trace: The next day, when Anselmo searches his home for Camila he discovers her jewel boxes open and most of her jewels gone. This absence makes Anselmo immediately realize the full extent of his misfortune.


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