February 8, 2023

Anselmo and Leonela: A Maid Disobeys Her Master

Anselmo and Leonela
Don Quixote Novel

Anselmo Discovers Leonela’s Lover: One night Anselmo hears footsteps in Leonela’s room. When he goes to see who made these footfalls, Anselmo finds the door being held against him, which makes him even more determined to open it. Forcing the door open, Anselmo breaks into Leonela’s room only to see a man jumping out of the window into the street. When Anselmo tries to pursue this man to discover who he is, Leonela clings to him so he does not follow the man out of the window. Even though Leonela claims that the man he sees is her husband, Anselmo does not believe her. Instead, he draws out his dagger in a blind rage and threatens Leonela with death if she does not tell him the truth.

Leonela Tells Anselmo That Camila Cheated On Him With Lotario: When Anselmo threatens to kill Leonela if she does not tell him the truth about her lover, Leonela promises to tell him an even greater secret as soon as she recovers her senses. The next day, when Anselmo walks into Leonela’s room to discover the secret, all he finds is some sheets knotted together, hanging from the window, “a sure sign that she had escaped.”

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