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Anselmo (Character from the Tale of Inappropriate Curiosity)

Anselmo’s Residence: Anselmo lives in Florence, which is a rich and famous Italian city in the province of Tuscany, in the San Giovanni area.

Anselmo’s Habits: Anselmo is inclined Quixotic Novels’s Website to flirt.

Anselmo’s Inheritance: Anselmo’s parents endow him with “the gifts of fortune and the blessings of nature.”

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Anselmo’s Inappropriate Curiosity: Anselmo feels that he is the “angriest and bitterest man in the world because he is assailed and tormented by the urge to find out whether his wife, Camila, is as virtuous and Barber (Master Nicholas) – The Quixotic Novels Website perfect as he thinks she is.” Therefore, to convince himself that his wife is truly virtous, Anselmo puts her purity to the test by asking his friend, Lotario, to tempt and entice Camila by writing her complementary poetry and by giving her money and jewels in token of his affection. Since Anselmo thinks that a woman is “only good in proportion to the degree that she is tempted”—and that only virtuous women have the resolve to reject promises, gifts, and tears from persistent, admirable, suitors, like Lotario—he seeks to “assay her virtue in the flames of enticement” by a Dolorous Duenna Read This Great Article By Quixotic Novels man worthy to be the object of her desires. Even though Lotario warns Anselmo that it is vain, and inappropriate, to stir up passions that now lie quiet in his wife’s breast, Anselmo rushes headlong down the path of his own self-destruction. Evidently, Anselmo’s inappropriate curiosity causes the narrator to call him unfortunate and ill advised for plotting his own dishonor and bringing about his own destruction. Later, we discover that Anselmo found himself deprived in one blow of his wife, his friend, and his servants because he initiated a needless test of his wife’s loyalty to him. Because of Anselmo’s inappropriate curiousity his wife goes to a convent to live as a nun, his best friend flees with his Ali Alouk Fartach (The Scabby Renegade) Read This Great Article By Quixotic Novels treasure trove of valuables (only to die in the battle of Crepinolga) and his servant Leonela, makes a rope out of sheets and climbs out of her bedroom window.

Anselmo’s Pretence To Leave Camila With Lotario: Insisting that he has to go away on urgent business for an hour and a half, Anselmo insists that Lotario must stay and wait for him because they have to talk about a matter of Quixotic Novels great importance. To give Lotario and Camila further opportunities to be alone, Anselmo finds things to do about the house so that Camila is not suspicious. Later, Anselmo absents himself from home for a full week, by going to visit a friend who lives in a nearby village. While he is away, Anselmo tells Camila that Lotario will come to look after the house and dine with her and that she should treat Lotario like her own husband. By removing all risk of interruption, Anselmo smoothes Lotario’s path to test Camila’s virtue.

Anselmo’s Death: Upon learning that his wife, best friend, and servants have run away, Anselmo travels to a nearby village to contemplate his disaster. On his way to this unnamed village, Anselmo sees a man on horseback from Florence. This man tells him that “close to nightfall he saw a man coming on horseback,” reported to be Lotario, with his wife who is now nowhere to be found. Then he relates to Anselmo that Camila’s Antonomasia (Princess of the Kingdom of Kandy) A New Guide From The Researchers At Quixotic Novels maidservant told everyone the whole story of Lotario’s treachery, which astonishes the whole city since the close friendship between the two men led everyone to call them “the two friends”. This terrible news brings Anselmo “on the verge of losing not only his reason but his life as well,” leaving him pale, gaunt, and haggard. Once Anselmo is alone “all the details of his disaster come crowding into his brain,” which ultimately breaks his heart. He then writes in his last will and testament that “a stupid and inappropriate desire” had taken his life, that he manufactured his own dishonor, and that he forgives his wife Camila, since her elopement with Lotario is his own fault.



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