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Antonia Quixano (Don Quixote’s Niece)

Antonia Quixano’s Age: Don Quixote’s niece is “the right side of twenty.” Thus, she is twenty-four, at the oldest, or twenty-one, at the youngest.

Relation to Don Quixote: Since Antonio Quixano is Andres – This Comprehensive Post By The Books Experts At Quixotic Novels the daughter of Don Quixote’s dead sister, she is his niece.

Don Quixote
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Antonia Quixano’s Diverse Skills: Antonia Quixano is “a jack of all trades who [is] as good at saddling [his] nag as at plying [her] pruning shears.”

Antonia Quixano’s Account of Don Quixote’s Chivalric Reading: Don Quixote Explained Orientation Directory Antonio Quixano tells readers that “Her uncle would often read his evil books of [chivalry] for two whole days and nights on end, and then he’d throw his book down, grab his sword and slash the walls of his room, and once he [was] exhausted [he’d say] that he had killed four giants as big as four towers and that the sweat pouring from him was blood from wounds [he’d] received in battle, and then he’d drink a pitcher of cold water and feel calm and well again, claiming that the water was a most precious draught brought by the famous sage Squiffy, a great enchanter and friend of his.”

Antonia Quixano’s Attitude Towards Don Quixote’s Chivalry Books: Antonia Quixano faults herself for not telling the priest and the barber about her uncle’s madness so they can do something about it by burning those “unchristian books of his before they unwind his mind,” since, according to Antonio Quixano, they “deserve to be put to the flames like heretics.” Though the priest, father Pero Perez, instructs the barber to hand him Don Quixote’s chivalry books so he can see what is in them (since he might find some that do not deserve to be Arms Transporter Guide (Quixotic Novels) committed to the flames) Antonia Quixano is totally intolerant of Don Quixote’s chivalry romances. According to Antonia Quixano, it is better to throw the whole lot of them out of the windows into the courtyard, and make a pile of them, and set fire to them, then to let any of them off since they are all to blame.

Antonio Quixano Enchants Don Quixote’s Library: Antonio Quixano pretends that Don Quixote’s library has been magically transported to hell by a mystical necromancer named Freston. Thus, she says that one night “an enchanter came on a cloud, after [Don Quixote] had gone away, and he climbed off a serpent he was riding and went into [Don Quixote’s] library, [and conjured a magic spell whisking away all of her uncle’s books] because Ambrosio – Quixotic Novels Has A List Of  a bit later he flew away over the roof and left the house full of smoke.” Subsequently, Antonia Quixano reports that “when [she] made up [her] mind to go and see what he’d done, [she] couldn’t find any books or any library.” When questioned by father Pero Perez about this, Antonio Quixano says that “all she can remember is that a wicked man flew away shouting that he had a secret grudge against the owner of the books and the library.”

Antonio Quixano Talks About Enchantment With Don Quixote: When Don Quixote tells his niece that a wicked enchanter bears him great malice because he is destined to fight and defeat a favorite knight of his, Antonia Quixano asks her uncle “why [he has] to Andres – Books Guide From Quixotic Novels involve himself in such arguments?” Wouldn’t it be better, Antonia Quixano wonders, if Don Quixote “stayed quietly at home instead of looking for better bread than what’s made from wheat, forgetting that many man’s gone out shearing and come back shorn.” This is how Antonio Quixano tries to get Don Quixote to calm down, stay at home, and be a normal country gentleman.

Antonio Quixano’s Reaction to Don Quixote’s Proposed Third Sally: When Don Quixote rants and raves about a knight errant “destroying unaided an army of two hundred thousand men, as if they had one throat between them, his niece exclaims that she’ll “‘be blowed if [her] uncle doesn’t want to be a knight errant again.’” Later, when Don Quixote starts talking about knights, courtiers, giants, and scurvy knaves, his niece interjects by saying “Oh, sir! Look, everything you’ve said about knights errant is a fable and a fib, and if the histories written about them aren’t burnt, each and every one of them deserves to be forced by the Inquisition to wear a scapular or some other sign showing it’s a wicked corruptor of morals.”

Don Quixote’s Niece Hates Sancho Panza Because He Takes Don Quixote Away From Home: Antonio Quixano gets mad at Sancho Panza for taking her uncle away from home to enact absurd chivalric fantasies. This is why when Sancho Panza starts talking about his governorship, Antonio Quixano vituperates: “Let’s hope you choke on your bloody islands, Sancho. And what are islands, anyway? Something to eat, you great glutton, you greedy guts?”

Antonia Quixano’s Inheritance: Don Quixote “bequeaths all of [his] estates in their entirety to his niece Antonia Quixana, once what is needed for his other bequests [have] been deducted from the most readily disposable part of it,” like the payment of wages that he owes his housekeeper for all the time that she has been serving him, for example, or Sancho Panza’s back wages, for instance.

Antonia Quixano’s Hypothetical Marriage: In his will, Research By The Staff Of Quixotic Novels Don Quixote says that if his niece wishes to marry, it must be to a man about whom it has first been formally established that he does not so much as know what books of chivalry are. Don Quixote continues, this if it is discovered that he does, and, despite that, his niece still insists on marrying him, she will forfeit everything that he has left her.

Antonia Quixano is Happy That Don Quixote Embraces Christianity When He Dies: When Don Quixote repents and embraces Christianity before he dies by saying “‘Blessed be Almighty God, who has done him such good, since, His mercy Ana Felix Ricote – Report From Quixotic Novels knows no bounds, and the sins of men do not lessen or obstruct it,’ [his niece pays careful attention to her uncle’s words,] because they seem more rational than usual.” Fascinated by his sudden change of mind and heart, Antonio Quixana asks Don Quixote why his speech is so altered? What, in fact, he means by “mercy and the sins of men?” This mercy, Don Quixote tells his niece, is that which “God has this instant shown [him,] unobstructed by his sins since his “mind has been restored to [him,] and is now clear and free, without those gloomy shadows of ignorance cast over him by his wretched, obsessive reading of those detestable books of chivalry.” At this reply, Antonia Quixano calls the priest, father Pero Perez, the graduate, Sanson Carrasco, and the Barber, Master Nicholas, into Don Quixote’s bedroom, for the priest to absolve him, the graduate to record his will, and the barber to morally support him.


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