February 6, 2023

Art Theme in Don Quixote

Copy Old Grandmasters

Good visual art, to Don Quixote, begins with an attempt for lesser artists to copy works of the old grandmasters. Hence, he tells readers that “when a painter tries to become famous for his art he tries to copy originals by the finest artist Don Quixote Themes assistance that he knows.”

Art Theme in Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

Paint With a Plan: Cervantes, as author and narrator, also emphasizes that a painter, especially a beginning painter, should paint with a deliberate plan in mind, before he, or she, begins painting otherwise they risk becoming “[an] artist, like Orbaneja, the famous artist of Ubeda, who when asked what he was painting would reply “Whatever emerges; and if he happened to be post by Don Quixote on Themes painting a cockerel he would write underneath it, ‘This is a cockerel,’ to stop people from thinking it is a vixen.” To relate Orbaneja’s lack of skill to Avellaneda’s lack of skill in writing the bogus sequel of “Don Quixote,” our knight says that “the [scoundrel] who published the [false] history of Don Quixote must [have] painted or wrote, whatever emerged.”

Art Imitating Nature: Cervantes believes that good “art imitates, even perfects nature, [for] the natural poet who calls in art to his aid will be the better for it; and will have the advantage over the man who tries to be a poet in a blog Post Don Quixote Wrote by relying on the art alone; and the reason is that art does not surpass nature but merely perfects it ? so if nature and art, art and nature, are combined, the result will be a perfect poet.”

Folkloric Paintings and Murals: Throughout Don Quixote art is talked about, or displayed, in public places, by common folk. For example, Teresa Panza writes Sancho Panza that “The news from the village is that the Berrueca woman article about Novel at Don Quixote has married her daughter to a bungling painter who came here to paint whatever came his way.” Later, Don Quixote stays in a “ground floor room [of an inn] where in place of leather hanging there were old painted cloths of the sort common in villages.” This prompts Don Quixote to say that he “bets that before long there won’t be a single eating-house or roadside inn or hostelry or barber’s shop where there isn’t a painting Read this blog article from Don Quixote of the story of [his] deeds.” Yet he’d “like to see it done by a better artist than the one who painted these.”

Paintover: Cervantes tells readers that “when paint is painted over paint it leaves no mark or trace.”

Rules of Art: Cervantes says that fine art observes the “rules of art, which consist of a harmonious composition, seamless form, and skillful technique.”


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