March 23, 2023

The bible said, “Ask and you shall receive.”
It baffles me how many people aren’t willing to ask for something even though they really wanted to get the things that they desire.
The bible said, “Ask and you shall…

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The bible discussed, “Ask and likewise you shall download.”


It baffles me how many people aren’t ready to ask for something despite the fact that they in reality wanted to get the problems that they want.

The bible discussed, “Ask and likewise you shall download.”

If you want to have a promotion, then ask.

If you want to have somebody to buy what you’re selling, then ask within the match that they’re involved in learning further about your product.

If you want to understand how somebody feels about you, then ask!

“On the other hand dude, it isn’t that easy! What if I get rejected? What if I take advantage of it a fool of myself?”

Neatly, rejection happens, and rejection sucks. On the other hand there’s in reality no wrong way spherical it. I would like I would possibly say that you simply’ll get everything you asked for. On the other hand you won’t. That’s the bitter truth.

On the other hand I would possibly fairly be rejected which might be residing with regrets of what if.

“What if I asked and my boss discussed certain for a promotion?”

“What if I ask her to marry me and she or he discussed certain?”

If the rewards a ways outweigh the failures, why wouldn’t you consider asking?

Movement Knowledge:

1 – Do you will have something to advertise? Or in all probability something to ask of somebody? Consider weighing the result of a Certain and a No. Is it neatly well worth the likelihood? More often than not, it’s. So evaluation your scenario and discover ways to ask for something you truly want.

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