December 8, 2022

Barber (Master Nicholas)

Master Nicholas Argues With Don Quixote About Knight Errantry: Before Don Quixote becomes a mock knight errant, his village Barber, Master Nicholas, argues that neither Palmerin of England, as Don Quixote insists, nor Amadis of Gaul, as Don Quixote opines, had been the better knight, but really, neither of them could hold a candle to the Knight of Phoebus. What’s more, Master Nicholas reasons that “if anyone could be justly compared to the Knight of Phoebus, it was Don Galaor, Amadis of Gaul’s brother, because there was no emergency he couldn’t cope with,” since he wasn’t one of your pernickety knights, nor was he a blubberer.

Don Quixote
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