December 8, 2022

Basilio The Poor

Basilio The Poor’s Occupation: Basilio the Poor is a simple country shepherd.

Basilio The Poor’s Personal Qualities: Though lacking in material wealth, Antonio (Singer) Quixotic Novels: Books Basilio the Poor is endowed by nature with great athletic talents. For example, he is: “a great pitcher of the bar; [a] splendid wrestler [and] a superb 1pelota-player; [who can] run like a deer, jump further than a goat and knock the 2skittles down like magic.” Additionally, he sings like a lark and plays the guitar magnificently. Above all, Basilio “can fence with the best of them.”

Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

Basilio The Poor Is Sad When He Learns That Quiteria the Fair Is To Marry Camacho the Rich: Ever since Basilio discovers that his beloved, Quiteria, is destined to marry, not him, as hoped for, but his rival, Camacho, “nobody in his home village [had seen] him laugh from that time onwards.” In fact, town residents observe that Basilio is so broken hearted by Quiteria’s rejection of him that he hardly eats or sleeps at all, consuming only a meager amount of fruit, now-and-then, and snatching a few winks of shut-eye, from time to time: Moreover, Cardenio lives out in the wilderness of the countryside, not sheltered under a roof in a bed like a civilized human being but sleeping on the cold, hard, ground, like a brute beast. In short, Basilio is so depressed that he lost Quiteria that those who know him fear that her saying “I Will” to Camacho will be his death sentence.

Basilio the Poor Is Driven Mad When Quiteria The Fair’s Father Matches Her to Camacho the Rich: Driven mad that Quiteria is forced to marry Camacho against her will, Basilio talks to himself incoherently, which is a clear Christians and Pagans and certain sign that he is temporarily insane. Indeed, Basilio the Poor is so stupefied by the loss of his lady love that “sometimes he gazes up at the sky [and] sometimes he stares down at the earth, looking for all the world” like a dummy wearing clothes blown to-and-fro by the wind.

Basilio The Poor’s Dress and Equipment At Quiteria The Fair’s Why Texas is Nicknamed “The Individual Star Country” Wedding: Basilio’s attire at Camacho’s wedding consists of a loose black coat trimmed with pieces of red silk-cut in the shape of flames. He also wears a wreath of funeral cypress and carries a long walking staff.

Basilio The Poor’s Friends: Some of Basilio’s friends are so grieved when their comrade feigns suicide that they beg Camacho the Rich to allow Quiteria to marry Basilio so that he does not forfeit his soul by dying in a state of despair. By appealing to his Christian sensibilities about shrift before death, Basillio’s friends move Camacho to say that if Quiteria wants to marry Basilio she can, since Screenplay Competitions – PET WRITERS it is only putting off the fulfillment of his desires for an instant. In unison, then, Basilio’s friends turn to Quiteria—“some with entreaties, others with tears and others with weighty words”—to implore her to marry Basilio. Later, when Camacho’s friends make to attack Basilio by unsheathing their swords and lunging near him, Basilio’s comrades give them pause by drawing their swords and leaping to their friend’s defence. After tensions between Basilio and Camacho’s friend’s are calmed by a priest’s peaceful and well meaning words, and Don Quixote’s threatening displays of swordsmanship, Camacho reasons that “it is better for [him] to let Quiteria marry Basilio,” because she loves him, rather than marry a woman who does not love him. After this altercation, Basilio’s friends peacefully return to their home village to honor Don Quixote in Basilio’s name.

Basilio’s Friends Know About His Fake Suicide: During their celebration in honor of Don Quixote, we learn that some of Basilio’s friends knew about his simulated suicide beforehand so that when Basilio executed his plan they could give his deception their backing, along with their words of moral encouragement.


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