January 28, 2023

Camila and Leonela: A Maid Follows The Example of Her Mistress

Their Longstanding Relationship: Camila is very article by Don Quixote on Characters fond of Leonela since mistress and waiting maid had been brought up together in Camila’s parent’s house. Therefore, when Camila marries Anselmo Leonela comes with her.

Camila and Leonela - Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

Camila Confides in Leonela: When Camila is alone with her maidservant she says that she feels ashamed when she considers how little she values herself because she did not make Lotario spend any time to buy full possession of the favours she so quickly granted him. Thus, Camila fears that Lotario will only remember how eagerly and easily she gave in to him and not bear in mind the pressure he exerted to make himself irresistible. In reply, Leonela says that the value of a gift neither rises nor falls from giving it quickly, so long as the posted to a Don Quixote`s blog gift is a good one and of value itself. To this Camila responds that what is bought cheaply is little valued. In response, Leonela says that Camila did not give in to Lotario so soon that she couldn’t first see his soul revealed in his eyes, sighs, words, promises and gifts, which revealed how worthy he was of her love. What’s more, Leonela says that Camila should be assured that Lotario thinks as much of her as she does of him. Therefore, Leonela thinks that Camila should be thankful and happy that she fell in love with a worthy and honourable man like Lotario.

Leonela Praises Lotario To Camila: When Camila Don Quixote blog entry confides her love affair to Leonela, her maidservant praises Lotario by saying that he is sensible, solitary, solicitous, secretive, appreciative, benevolent, chivalrous, dutiful, enamored, firm, gallant, honourable, illustrious, judicious, kind, loyal, manly, noble, princely, rich, tacit, unattached, veracious, well-born, and zealous of her honor.

Camila Is Worried That Her Honor May Be Jeopardized By Leonela’s Love For An Unnamed Suitor: When Camila discovers that her maidservant, Leonela, is involved in a premarital affair with a well-born young man of an unnamed city in Tuscany, she fears that their relationship could put her own honor at risk, since Camila believes that her own bad example with Lotario “robbed her maid of her shame and chastity.” Even though Camila tells Leonela to “not breathe a word about her mistress’s love affair with Lotario” and to, thus, manage her own affair in the utmost Don Quixote: Novel: a article secrecy so that Anselmo and Lotario do not find out about it, Camila still worries that her servant is going to bring about the loss of her good name. Once Leonela becomes aware of her mistress’s love affair with Lotario, she brings her own lover into the house safe in the knowledge that even if her mistress sees him she would not dare expose him. Thus, to cover-up her maidservant’s transgression, Camila does not scold Leonela for entertaining this young under her nose. Camila even provides Leonela with opportunities to let him in by removing all obstacles this Don Quixote piece in her path, like her husband seeing him, for example. But she cannot prevent Lotario from seeing this young man as he leaves at dawn one day. At his revelation, Camila’s grief is so intense that she tells Lotario that Leonela’s brazenness has “reached such a pitch that every night she let her lover into the house and he stays with her until morning at great cost to her good name.”


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