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Cardenio and Dorotea: A Friendship of Consolation

Cardenio Comments About Dorotea’s Great Beauty: When Cardenio sees Dorotea lift her face after she baths her feet in a bubbling brook, Cardenio whispers to the priest that Luscinda “isn’t any human creature but a divine one.” Later, when Dorotea shakes her head from Don Quixote_s article about Themes side-to-side revealing thick, lush, blond hair, Cardenio almost declares that she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, if, that is, he had not seen Luscinda, since “only Luscinda’s beauty can match hers.”

Cardenio and Dorotea - Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

Cardenio and Dorotea’s First Conversation: After Dorotea recounts her misfortunes to Cardenio he asks her if she is the lovely Dorotea, the only daughter of wealthy Clenardo. When Dorotea is astonished to hear her father’s name spoken by such a low fellow—since “Cardenio’s clothes are torn and tattered, and his face and body is none to clean”—she asks him who he is and how he knows her father’s name, especially since she has not mentioned it once during the whole course of her tragedy. In response, Cardenio explains that he is the unfortunate man Don Quixote Wrote that Dorotea said that Luscinda was married to, who, due to Don Fernando’s villainy, is clothed in rags, half-naked, deprived of all human consolation and, worst of all, deprived, in spurts, of his good reason, too. Cardenio continues that he is the man who witnessed the evil done to him by Don Fernando, the man who heard Luscinda say “I Will,” the man who lacked the courage to wait and see how Luscinda’s fainting fit ended, the man who did not learn what the consequences of the discovery of the note in Luscinda’s bodice were, the man who could not bear so much misfortune all at read more on Don Quixote`s official blog once, the man who abandoned his patience and abandoned Luscinda’s house, the man who came away to the empty places of the Sierra Morena, intending to end his life, which he hated from the moment that Luscinda married Don Fernando.

Cardenio’s Hopes Rise When Dorotea Tells Him That He Will Eventually Marry His Sweetheart: Since Cardenio learns from Dorotea that he is Luscinda’s true husband, not Don Fernando’s, and, accordingly, Don Fernando left Luscinda’s house in anger, he is “happy with the good fortune of meeting [her].” Cardenio declares, in fact, that if everything Dorotea tells him is true, which he thinks it is, they will have happier endings in store for them then their misfortunes would lead them to believe. Since Dorotea says that Luscinda cannot marry Don Fernando because she is Cardenio’s, and Don Fernando cannot marry Luscinda because he is Dorotea’s, she concludes that hope and happenstance will restore what is a long Characters blog post from Don Quixote theirs to them, because their love for one another is all still valid, since it has not been irreversibly alienated or damaged. In reply, Cardenio says that since he has this consolation, not born of remote hopes, nor founded on wild imaginings, but actual events, he entreats Dorotea to reconsider her original decision to run away, and to prepare herself to expect better fortune. Next, Cardenio swears, as a gentlemen and a Christian that he will not forsake Dorotea until he sees her married to Don Fernando, and that, if he can’t persuade Don Fernando with arguments to acknowledge what he owes her, he will make use of the privilege to which every gentleman is entitled, namely, dueling, and demand satisfaction for the wrong he has done her.

Dorotea Thanks Cardenio For Promising To Restore Her To Don Fernando: Dorotea is so happy with Cardenio’s promise to see her marry Don Fernando that she “tries to seize his feet and kiss them, even though he doesn’t allow it.”

Cardenio and Dorotea Act In Unison: Several times in “Don Quixote,” Cardenio and Dorotea are mentioned together, in the same sentence, acting in harmony. For example, Cardenio and Dorotea both thank the parish priest, father Pero Perez, for advising and encouraging them to return with
a post on the Don Quixote`s blog him to his village, where they will be able to stock-up with all they need, and where a method can be devised for finding Don Fernando. Later, when Don Fernando, Luscinda, and three man servants arrive at an inn to look for Luscinda, Cardenio disappears in Don Quixote’s room while Dorotea veils her face to avoid recognition.

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