February 8, 2023

Claudia Jeronima

Claudia Jeronima’s Physical Appearance: At first blush, Don Quixote thinks Claudia Jeronima is a young boy since she thunders “in on a horse, at a furious gallop, wearing green damask with trimmings of gold, knee-breeches and a loose fitting open cape, with a hat worn aslant and feathered in the 5Walloon style, with tight-fitting waxed boots, silver spurs, a short dagger, and a long sword, which are all gilt, accompanied Ali Alouk Fartach (The Scabby Renegade) Quixotic Novels Survey Here by a small musket in her hands and two pistols at her sides.” Upon closer observation, however, Don Quixote identifies Claudia Jeronima as a woman, since she has freely flowing long golden hair.

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