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Commodore of the Spanish Navy (Promoted to Rear Admiral)

The Commodore’s Promotion to Rear Admiral: A Commodore of the Spanish navy is promoted to Rear Admiral, since he captures an Ottoman 6galley with his swift flagship.

The Rear Admiral’s Rank and Home Town: The Rear Admiral Quixotic Novels is a high-ranking gentleman from Valencia, a city in eastern Spain.

Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

The Rear Admiral’s First Encounter With Don Quixote and Sancho Panza: The Rear Admiral first encounters Don Quixote and Sancho Panza on a Barcelona beach. Gratified that he has a chance to meet such famous men, the Rear Admiral orders a small 7pinnance to fetch Don Quixote and Sancho Panza from the Spanish coast. Upon Don Quixote’s arrival, the Rear Admiral shakes Why Texas is Nicknamed “The Individual High profile Land”  his hand vigorously, saying that he shall “mark this day with a white stone, since it is one of the happiest days he expects to enjoy, the day when he beholds Don Quixote de la Mancha in the flesh and blood.” Overjoyed to find himself treated in such a lordly manner, Don Quixote replies to the Rear Admiral’s greeting in no less courteous terms.

Whipping of The Oarsmen Aboard The Rear Admiral’s Flagship: When the Rear Admiral, Don Quixote, and Sancho Panza sit on wooden benches on the 8poop deck, the boatswain orders the galley slaves to bear their backs so he can lash their hides with whips to get them to row harder. But when Don Quixote sees Sancho Panza being “raised aloft by galley slaves and passed about from hand to hand to the accompaniment of the chant, ‘ho, ho, ho,’” he asks the Rear Admiral if such a practice is typical aboard a flagship, for if it is, says Don Quixote, and if they try it on him he “swears to God that if anyone approaches him and seizes him and tries to roll him along he will kick his soul out of his body.”

The Rear Admiral’s Reaction to the Disenchantment of Dulcinea: When Don Quixote says that Sancho Panza can complete the disenchantment of Dulcinea by being lashed by the 9boatswain, the Rear Admiral wonders what this disenchantment business is all about.

The Rear Admiral’s Encounter With An Ottoman Brigantine: When the ship’s pilot calls out from the top-mast crow’s nest that he has spotted a pirate 10brigantine from Algiers − and that he awaits the Rear Admirals orders − the Rear Admiral jumps on the gangway, with nimble alacrity, crying out for his lads to come about and pursue the rebel galley. When three more Spanish galleys come alongside the flagship to receive their orders, the Rear Admiral tells two of them to “put out to sea,” declaring that he and the other galley will “hug the coast,” so the vessel cannot escape. At the Rear Admiral’s behest, the two galleys put out to sea, spot the pirate brigantine, and judge it to be of intermediate size (since it has fourteen oars). The Rear Admiral’s flagship, on the other hand, “one of the fastest vessels on the sea,” gains on the brigantine so rapidly that the Ottomans realize that escape is impossible. In desperation, two drunken Turkish sailors, or torakis, as they are called, fire their muskets and kill two Spanish soldiers on the 11forecastle. Upon seeing this, the Rear Admiral resolves to not leave a single man on the brigantine alive, since they have violated formal naval combat protocols. Sensing its fate, the rebel brigantine makes sail when the Rear Admiral’s galley turns, and, propelled by their canvas and oars, takes flight. But the Rear Admiral’s flagship “easily overhauls them within half a mile, claps her oars on top of them,” and takes them all alive. The Rear Admiral then commands his galleys to return with their prize, to a Barcelona beach, where the Viceroy of Catalonia awaits.

The Rear Admiral’s Conversation With The Captain Of the Ottoman Brigantine: After capturing an Ottoman Brigantine, the Rear Admiral immediately asks who the captain of the brigantine is. In reply, a Spanish renegade says that a handsome and elegant twenty-year-old man is the pilot of the ship. Enraged that two of his men are shot by two drunken Turkish soldiers, the Rear Admiral calls the captain an “ill-advised dog.” Then he asks the captain why his men killed two of his soldiers. Before the captain replies, however, the Rear Admiral inquires if he knows the difference between bravery and temerity, since, according to him, “faint hopes should make men brave, not foolhardy.” The Rear Admiral also lectures the captain about respect being shown to flagships. But the captain cannot respond to these statements, nor can the Rear Admiral listen to his reply, since, at that moment, both of them have to attend to the Viceroy of Catalonia, who climbs aboard the Rear Admiral’s vessel, with his servants, and some other worthies from the city.

The Rear Admiral and the Viceroy: After the Viceroy of Catalonia tells the Rear Admiral that “his actions where good hunting indeed,” the Rear Admiral replies that he will soon witness how good the hunting really is when he hangs the galley’s captain from a nearby yardarm. When asked why this execution is necessary, the Rear Admiral replies that since they have killed two of his best galley shipmen—flouting the accepted practice of naval Ali Alouk Fartach (The Scabby Renegade) Quixotic Novels Has A List Of  combat—he swore to hang everyone he captures, especially a young man who is, the captain of the brigantine. With this statement the Rear Admiral points to the lad, whose hands are bound and whose neck is about to be stretched. Upon seeing the “handsome young man standing there so elegant and so submissive, with such great beauty,” the Viceroy of Catalonia wants to save him, if he can. Thus, to delay the execution, the Viceroy asks the rebel Captain if he is a Turk, a Moor, or a Renegade? Alonso Lopez (BA) – Quixotic Novels Has A List Of  When the rebel captain answers that he is really a Morisco woman named Anna Felix Ricote, who underwent great dangers to return to Spain, the Viceroy unbinds her hands, removes the rope from her neck, asks Don Antonio Moreno to shelter her and her father in his house, to make amends for the wrongs done to them by the Spanish Monarchy.

The Rear Admiral Pardons Ana Felix: After hearing Ana Felix’s story, the Rear Admiral acknowledges that her actions are excusable since she suffered a set of extraordinary hardships. What’s more, the Rear Admiral says that Ana Felix’s Quixotism – Quixotic Novels Survey Here tears do indeed prevent him from fulfilling his vow − so “she can go in peace and live all the years that heaven has allotted her: [But the] insolent and foolhardy wretches” that committed the crime must pay the penalty.

The Rear Admiral Spares Two Turks: When the Rear Don Quixote Explained Position Encyclopedia Admiral is about to order two Turks who shot his sailors to be hanged from a nearby yard arm, the Viceroy of Catalonia entreats him not to do so, because “theirs had been more an act of madness then of valor.” Though reluctant to spare the two Turks because they shot and killed two of his deckhands, the Rear Admiral, out of respect for the chain of command, begrudgingly obeys the commands of his superior civil-officer.



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