February 6, 2023

Convents Theme in Don Quixote

Leandra: When Leandra is seduced by a rake post about Characters at Don Quixote named Vicente de la Rosa, “her father shuts her up in a convent in the hope that time might efface a part of the bad reputation that she’d earned for herself.”

Convents Theme in Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

Camila: The Tale of the Inappropriate Curiosity ends with a heartbroken Camila, driven by Lotario’s death and Anselmo’s inappropriate curiosity, to “take veil in a convent.” But, despite the nun’s recent article by Don Quixote best efforts, she is so demoralized, that she “dies, heartbroken and alone,” in this house of reform.

Luscinda: One day, Luscinda runs away from her parent’s house and no one knows where she is, until, several months later, intelligence reaches the villagers that she is in a convent, with the intention of article by Don Quixote staying there for the rest of her life if she can’t share it with her true-love Cardenio. Don Fernando goes in search of Luscinda with three men, riding all the way with them to the convent where she stays. But, he does not try to speak with Luscinda because of his fear that if he does the guard will be doubled at the door. So one day Don Fernando waits until the porter’s lodge is unmanned, and goes in search of Luscinda, who he finds in a cloister written by Don Quixote talking to a nun. At this time Don Fernando, and two of his men, seize Luscinda without giving her a chance to resist. Thus, it is simple for Don Fernando and his men to abduct Luscinda because the convent is in the middle of the fields, a long way from the city. Hence, nobody is there to stop him.


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