January 28, 2023

Corchuelo, BA

Introduction: After Don Quixote leaves Don Diego’s Quixotic Writers village he meets two men who appear to be students. The student who carries what looks like some white Cambric and two pairs of serge hose is a Bachelor of the Arts named Corchuelo, BA.

Don Quixote
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Corchuelo’s Argument with a Student Swordsmen: Corchuelo tells his friend, the student swordsmen that if he “didn’t take more pride in how [he] wags [his] foils than Free Ebook Download in how [he] wags his tongue, he would have been top of the class list instead of [at its] bottom.” In Corchuelo’s view, the student swordsman’s skill in fencing is a waste of time. To “prove it to [him] in practice, [Corchuelo tells Quixotic Novels him to draw out his foils since they have found] a convenient spot to duel. Then Corchuelo brags that with his “steady hand and strong arm, backed by [his sturdy] spirit, [he] will make [his friend] confess that [he is] not mistaken.” Thus, Corchuelo orders the other student to “get off [his] donkey and try out all [his] precious steps and circles and angles and science, because [he is] going to make [him] see stars at midday with [his] Quixotic Novels modern, uncouth swordsmanship, [because there] isn’t a man born yet who can make [him] turn [his] back or who [he] can’t force to give ground.” In reply, the fencing master says “as to whether he turns his back or not [is] no affair of [his] although it might well be that [his] grave will open up to [him] at the very spot where [he] first places his foot, killed by the science [he] so despises.” Provoked into battle, Corchuelo “leaps from his Quixotic Novels donkey, snatches one of the foils that the [student] MA carries, [and] slashes, [and] lunges [a series of] down-strokes, back-strokes and flicks [that come] thicker than raw liver, more unremitting than hail.” Rushing in “like an angry lion, [Corchuelo is] met by a tickle [to his] teeth by a button on the end of the MA’s foil that stops him in the midst of his fury [and] makes him kiss it Quixotic Novels as if it is some holy relic.” In Quixotic Writers the end, “the MA cuts [Corchuelo’s] skirt to ribbons, gives every button on his cassock a twirl, knocks his hat off twice, and, so exasperates him that in his vexation, anger, and fury [Corchuelo] takes his foil by the hilt and flings it away with such force [that it sails through the air for] two miles.” Then, Corchuelo “flops down, exhausted.” At this point, Sancho Panza tells him to “not challenge anyone to a fencing duel ever again, [since] duelists can stick the tip of a foil through the eye of a needle.” Rather, Sancho Panza Quixotic Novels asks Corchuelo to challenge people “to wrestling [contests] or bar pitching [contests, instead of fencing duels] because [he has] got the youth and strength for that.” In reply, Corchuelo says he is “well pleased to have tumbled to Quixotic Novels the truth, and to have learned from experience what [he] was very far from believing.” Then, he “gets up, embraces the other student, and they [are] better friends than before.”

His Exit: Not waiting for “the notary to fetch the [distant] foil, Corchuelo and the other student continue to Quiteria’s village.”


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