February 8, 2023

Countess Trifaldi and Queen Maguncia: A Messenger and His Message

Countess Trifaldi and Queen Maguncia
Don Quixote Novel

Countess Trifaldi feels some obligation to inform Queen Maguncia about the intimate goings on of her fourteen-year-old daughter named princess Antonomasia. But since Trifaldi does not tell her lady and mistress about her daughter’s extramarital affair, she feels remiss in her role as a loyal servant. Moreover, Trifaldi feels article By don quixote on characters bad about taking active steps to conceal her ward’s pregnancy from her mother. This, in turn, induces a sense of moral guilt in Trifaldi, especially after Queen Maguncia dies from shock and dejection, when she learns that her daughter, princess Antonomasia, copulates with, and this Themes blog post by Don Quixote subsequently marries, a knight named Don Clavijo, without her mother’s knowledge or blessing. Since Trifaldi does not tell her mistress about her daughter’s romantic love, she blames herself, at least in part, for her benefactress’s unexpected death.


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