February 8, 2023

Doctor Pedro Recio de Aguero

Doctor Aguero Puts Sancho Panza On a Diet: During Sancho Panza’s governorship of Barataria, a funny doctor named Pedro Recio de Aguero puts Sancho Panza on a restraint enhancing diet, which begins with an amusing scene that takes place in a Don Quixote Narrative banquet hall, when Sancho Panza sees a spread of fine wine, fresh fruit, roasted partridge, stewed rabbits, sautéed veal, and other dishes, as well. Before Sancho Panza can “taste, or even touch [these dishes placed in front of him, doctor Recio] “taps the plates with a whalebone pointer, one-by-one, sending the dishes quickly away.” To explain his severe actions, Doctor Aguero says that he is “employed to look after the health and constitution of governors, and, thus, to be present at all their lunches and all their dinners so that he can allow them to eat what seems suitable to him and to Don Quixote Story take away that which he believes will do them harm and injure their stomachs.” In short, since Sancho Panza is used to overeating and overdrinking, Doctor Aguero puts him on a strict purification, pseudo starvation diet, consisting of wafer tubes, thin slices of quince jelly, ice water, and an occasional leg of lamb, all in an effort to “settle his stomach and aid his digestion.”

Doctor Aguero’s Home Village: Doctor Aguero is from a village called Vamos, which means clear off, which, in actuality, does not exist where specified.

Doctor Aguero’s Education: Doctor Aguero earned Don Quixote Novel his medical degree from the University of Osuna.

Doctor Aguero Lets Sancho Panza Have A Fitting Dinner: After doctor Aguero orders Sancho Panza to eat a Spartan lunch, he relents Don Quixote Story – and lets him have some cold beef, oiled onions, and boiled calves feet for dinner.

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