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Don Antonio Moreno & Wife

Don Antonio Moreno’s Reception of Don Quixote In Barcelona: When Don Quixote enters Barcelona, Don Antonio Moreno welcomes him graciously with the words that he is the real valiant Don Quixote, not the fraudulent and fictious Don Quixote that Avellaneda don quixote – quixotism concocts. After exchanging formal courtesies, Don Antonio Moreno says that he is a close relative of Senor Roque Guinart, who gave him instructions to tour Don Quixote through Barcelona. Since Don Quixote acknowledges that, “‘for the time being, he has no will other than Don Antonio’s’” they ride into Barcelona together, to the sound of shawms and drums. After entering Barcelona amidst much pomp and circumstance, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza remount their horse and donkey and reach their guide’s house, “a large and stately one,” that befits a wealthy gentleman of Don Antonio’s stature.

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Don Antonio Moreno Amuses Himself By Placing a Sign on Don Quixote’s Back: To have a bit of harmless fun with Don Quixote without doing him any real Don Quixote Narrative harm, Don Antonio has a placard placed on his back which reads, “Don Quixote De La Mancha, the Brave Knight of La Mancha.” Shortly thereafter, when a scrimmage of boys pester Don Quixote, Don Antonio removes the sign-post from his back, pretending to remove something else, “so that Don Quixote does not realize the signage jest.”

Don Antonio Moreno Defends Don Quixote: When two mischievous boys, at the behest of the prince of darkness, play a mean trick on Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, by stuffing prickly gorse in Rocinante and Dapple’s rumps, Don Antonio’s followers rush to punish the little rascals for their naughty insolence. Later on, when a man from Castile reads a placard on Don Quixote’s back announcing who he is and what he is after, the man says that, being a madman, “Don Quixote should be mad by himself, behind the closed doors of his own insanity, and not out in public, where he has don quixote – quixotism the ability to turn everyone who has anything to do with him mad and stupid; just like him.” Here, Don Antonio defends Don Quixote by asking this Castilian man to stop giving advice to those who have not asked for it and to go on his merry way. Before he leaves, however, Don Antonio says that “Don Quixote is extremely sane, not mad, [as this Castilian man suggests,] and that he, and his followers, who escort Don Quixote are no fools either, and that virtue, wherever it is found, must be honored and cherished.”

Don Antonio Moreno Looks After Don Quixote’s Health: When Don Quixote resists the flirtations of Don Antonio’s wife’s lady friends by sitting down in the middle of a dance floor, Don Antonio, seeing that he is exhausted from waltzing with the damsels, orders Don Quixote to be carried off the dance floor to a soft, warm bed where he can rest and relax his achy body.

Don Antonio Moreno’s Enchanted Bust: On Don Quixote’s second day at his house, Don Antonio tests out his enchanted bust. To do so our host locks himself in a room where it is kept, with Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, two of his friends, and the two young ladies who exhaust Don Quixote at the dance. To examine the bust, Don Antonio walks several times around the pedestal on which it sits to amaze Don Quixote with its construction. To convince Don Quixote that the bust has magical prognosticating powers, Don Antonio asks the bust to tell him what his thoughts are at the time. Though the magical bust’s answers are quick and accurate, readers soon learn that Don Antonio’s nephew ? a quick-witted young graduate student ? projects his voice from a room below through an intricate system of tin tubes and hollowed out marble slabs, “answering, with a ready wit, questions put to him.” Thus, when Don Quixote steps forward and asks whether the adventure he had in the Cave of Montesinos is true, or just a dream, the answer is that some of what happened is true while some of what happened is from his inventive imagination.

Don Antonio Moreno Inspects a Harbor Galley: Don Antonio inspects a galley docked in Barcelona’s harbor with Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

Don Antonio Moreno Shelters Ricote, Anna Felix, And Don Gregario: At the request of the Viceroy of Catalonia, Don Antonio shelters two runaway Moriscos named Ricote and Anna Felix in his house, along with a young Christian nobleman named Don Gregario.

Don Antonio Moreno’s Mental, Physical, and Existential Qualities: Don Antonio Moreno is described as a wealthy and intelligent gentleman, fond of good and wholesome entertainment.

Don Antonio Moreno’s Relationship With The Knight Of The White Moon (Sanson Carassco): After the Knight of the White Moon defeats Don Quixote in single combat, Don Antonio follows him to learn his identity. Seeing that Don Antonio is not going to leave him alone until he receives a satisfactory answer, the Knight of the White Moon says that his name is “Sanson Carrasco that he is from the same village as Don Quixote and that he originally fought Don Quixote, as the Knight of the Spangles, in the belief that his well-being depended on him resting and staying in his own village and in his own home.” In further explanation, the Knight of the White Moon tells Don Antonio that “he established as a pre-condition for the combat that the defeated knight will be at the disposal of the victor, and what he intended to require of him was that he must go back to his home village and not leave it for a year, during which time he might be cured.” Fortune managed things differently, however, because Don Quixote knocked the Knight of the Spangles off his horse and defeated him: thus foiling his well-laid plans. But when they fought again, Sanson Carrasco explains that he toppled Don Quixote and defeated him, counting on his “fastidiousness about observing the protocol of knight errantry” to comply with his request to go home. After explaining to Don Antonio the full-story of his series of jousts with Don Quixote, Sanson Carrasco entreats Don Antonio to not tell Don Quixote who he is or what he wants, so that his good intentions can take immediate effect. This chicanery prompts Don Antonio to tell Sanson Carrasco that “God shall forgive [him] for the offence he has committed against the whole world for trying to restore the funniest madman to his senses,” since his chivalry has provided many people with pleasure. At this time Don Antonio and Sanson Carrasco say goodbye: One with arms and armor in hand, the other on his way to inform the Viceroy of Catalonia about what The Knight of the White Moon had told him.

Don Antonio Moreno’s Relationship With The Viceroy of Catalonia: After the Viceroy of Catalonia asks Don Antonio to harbor Ana Felix, a Morisco woman, and her father, Ricote, in his home, Don Antonio takes them to his house and treats them with the “utmost Don Quixote Tale  kindness and consideration.” Later, when Don Quixote is bested by the Knight of the White Moon, Don Antonio Moreno informs the Viceroy of Catalonia about what had happened, saying, all the while, that he is not very pleased to hear that Don Quixote had been defeated, since now he, and others, will be deprived of his good deeds, benevolent intelligence, and humorous antics.

Don Antonio Moreno’s Wife

Don Antonio Moreno’s Wife Mental And Emotional Temperament: Don Antonio Moreno’s wife is a fun-loving, beautiful, and intelligent lady of high rank.

Don Antonio Moreno’s Wife Ball Room Gala: When Don Antonio’s wife holds a ballroom dance for Don Quixote, she invites her lady friends to honour her guest with their company. With a yes reply, the ladies come to her home for a sumptuous dinner—after which a formal dance is held at 10 o’clock—where the ladies enjoy Don Quixote’s extraordinary gymnastics.

Lady Dancers: Among Don Antonio Moreno’s wife’s Don Quixote Fiction friends are two ladies who are “fond of pulling people’s legs,” and who, although very virtuous are a little over-familiar in their search for harmless amusement. Accordingly, they exhaust Don Quixote dancing so continuously that they not only weary his body but his very soul as well. Though the two young women flirt with Don Quixote persistently he repulses them by bellowing, in a raised voice, that his “enemies should flee and leave him in peace.” What’s more, Don Quixote tries to banish his unwelcome thoughts by telling the two ladies to manage their desires as best they can, for he is “devoted to Dulcinea, the queen of his soul.” With this speech, Don Quixote sits down, in the middle of the ball room, exhausted from so much dancing.

Don Antonio Moreno’s Wife Shelters Ana Felix, Ricote, and Don Gasper Gregario: Won over by Ana Felix’s beauty and intelligence, Don Antonio Moreno’s wife warmly welcomes Ana Felix to her house, and everyone in the city comes to see her “as if summoned by church bells.”

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