February 8, 2023

Don Bernardino de Valasco (The Count of Salazar / Expeller of the Moriscos)

Don Valasco’s Historical Background: From 1609-1614, Don Quixote Novel Don Bernardino de Valasco headed the expulsion of the Moriscos from Castile, La Mancha, Extremadura, and Murcia.

Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

Ricote’s Characterization of Don Valasco: According to Ricote, “Don Bernardino de Valasco—to whom his majesty, King Phillip the III, entrusted Don Quixote Fiction the expulsion of the Moriscos—[does] not heed the appeals, promises, gifts, or lamentations, of the Moriscos, denying all calls to temper justice with mercy.” Characterizing him as rigid and inflexible, Ricote feels that Don Valasco is eager to apply to Spain “the cautery that burns instead of the ointment that soothes.” What’s more, Ricote says that despite all the tricks, stratagems, pleadings, and don quixote – quixotism deceptions of the Moriscos, Don Valasco has borne upon his shoulders the weight of what he terms a “great project”. Indeed, the Moriscos, according to Ricote, are unable to blind Don Valasco’s “14Argus eyes,” which are always on the alert so that not one of the Morisco people remains hidden from him. Evidently, Don Valasco sees the whole body of the Morisco race as tainted and rotten: like “roots buried in the ground that can sprout and bear poisonous fruit.”

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