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Don Fernando and Cardenio: Friends or Rivals?

Don Fernando Is Delighted To Receive Cardenio Since He Views Cardenio As A True Friend Not A Servant: When Cardenio goes to Andalusia to join Duke Ricardo, Don Fernando is delighted at his arrival since he wants Cardenio to be a close friend. In fact, the extremes of post (Don Quixote) attention and affection that he goes to stops being mere favor and starts turning into genuine friendship. Since Don Fernando sees Cardenio as a true friend he tells him all his thoughts, especially about his love for Dorotea, who is one of his father’s tenants.

 Don Fernando and Cardenio - Don Quixote
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Cardenio’s Friendship For Don Fernando Prompts Him To Argue Against Marrying A Woman of Inferior Rank: Prompted by his friendship for Don Fernando, Cardenio tries, with the “best arguments that he knows of and the most a long Characters blog post from Don Quixote eloquent examples he can find,” to dissuade him from marrying Dorotea since he does not view the daughter of his father’s tenant farmer as a suitable match for an eminent lord like Don Fernando. In fact, Cardenio decides to put the matter before his father, Duke Ricardo, feeling obliged, as a loyal servant, not to conceal something so prejudicial to the honor of his lord. But Don Fernando, cunning and intelligent as he is, suspects and fears that Cardenio might do this. Therefore, to mislead and deceive him, Don Fernando tells Cardenio that he cannot think of anything to take his mind off of Dorotea’s beauty other than going away for a few months.

Cardenio’s Calls Don Fernando A Series of Negative Names: Since Don Fernando destroys Cardenio’s happiness by seducing Luscinda, Cardenio curses Don Fernando throughout his stay in the Sierra Moreno. For instance, Don Quixote when Cardenio mistakes an innocent goat herder for Don Fernando, he calls the shepherd a perfidious traitor. Likewise, when Cardenio explains to the Priest and the Barber that he is in the Sierra Morena to “lament the story of his misfortunes,” he calls Don Fernando cruel, wicked, deceitful, ruthless, treacherous, and vengeful. When Cardenio sees Fernando about to wed Luscinda he mutters to himself that Don Fernando is the thief of his glory, the death of his life.

Cardenio Asks A Series Of Rhetorical Questions So He Can Understand Fernando’s Transgressions: To understand why Fernando transgressed against him, Cardenio asks a series of rhetorical questions like: post by Don Quixote on Themes what deeds of disloyalty had he ever committed to deserve such treatment; or what words of advice did he ever give Don Fernando that was not designed to increase his honor and prosperity; or how could he have imagined that revealing the joys and secrets of his heart about Luscinda would have put Fernando in a position to steal his true love; or, generally speaking, how did he ever offend Don Fernando?


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