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Don Gasper Gregario (AKA Don Pedro Gregario)

Don Gregario’s Background: Don Gregario is the eldest son of a Spanish lord—a rich 18-year-old heir—who descends from an old Christian family.

Don Gregario Loves Ana Felix: Since Don Gregario lives in a nearby village, he makes Don Quixote Novel chances to see Ana Felix Ricote all the time. As a pretext, Don Gregario either goes to the town well to fetch water, or stops by her window on his way to the market. In this way, he sees her, he speaks to her, they fall deeply in love, and when Ana Felix is expelled from her Spanish village, he tries to bring her back to Spain.

Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

Don Gregario Travels to Algeria: Upon deportation, Don Gregario follows Ana Felix to Algeria, in hopes of taking her back from Barbary, to Spain, where they can marry legally. Since he can speak Morisco like a native, Don Gregario leaves Ana Felix’s home village with a group of ostracized Moriscos and becomes close friends with her aunt and uncle. Once in Barbary, Don Gregario is assigned to live with a group of high ranking Moorish women until he is transferred to the ownership of Sultan Selim.

Don Gregario Pretends to Be a Woman: When Ana Felix is summoned to Algerian King Alouk’s court, a messenger reports to the King that she is accompanied by a very handsome and very graceful young man named Don Gregario. Since the Ottoman Turks “value a handsome young boy over any woman, however beautiful she may be,” Ana Felix pretends that Don Gregario is her waiting maid. Therefore, when the Algerian King requests Don Gregario’s presence at his royal court—so that he can judge for himself if what his messenger reports is true—Ana Felix tells the Algerian King that the young man is actually a young woman and that she would like to dress her up in formal don quixote – quixotic novels clothes befitting a royal viewing, so that she is not embarrassed to appear before his exulted presence. After King Alouk approves Ana’s request, she warns Don Gregario that he should hide his masculinity by pretending to be a Moorish woman, so that he is not made a call-girl by the Algerian King, or Sultan Selim’s sex-slave. That same afternoon, when Ana Felix takes Don Gregario into the King’s company disguised as a woman, she is dismayed to discover that despite her attempts to mask his beauty, the Algerian King is so “thunderstruck” that he decides to keep her as a present for Sultan Selim.

Don Gregario’s Residence in Algeria: The Algerian King, to avoid deflowering what he thinks is a beautiful young virgin woman, lodges Don Gregario not in his harem, with his other mistresses, but in a house of a high ranking Moorish lady, where she can be guarded, and waited upon, by her new chaperones.

Don Gregario’s Rescue From Algeria: Hearing about Don Gregario’s imprisonment in Algeria, the Viceroy of Catalonia, together with a Spanish rear admiral, ponder a way to “rescue him from the danger in which he had been left.” To sweeten the pot, Ricote offers more than “two thousand ducats in pearls and other jewels” to any man brave enough to rescue Don Gregario. Many “schemes are suggested, by none are likely to succeed, except for one, proposed by a Muslim Renegade, who offers to return to Algiers—in a small boat of six oars manned by Christians—since he knows when, how, and where he can land, as well as the exact location of the house where Don Gregario is being held.” Though the Viceroy of Catalonia and the Spanish Rear Admiral, do not trust the Muslim renegade to carry out his plan successfully, when Ana Felix makes herself answerable for him, the two gentlemen relent and allow the plan to proceed as scheduled. Two days later, the renegade leaves in a fast boat, and two days after that Spanish galleys sail east to support the rescue attempt.

Don Gregario Regains his Freedom: Since Ana Felix Ricote loves Don Gregario, she is deeply saddened that he is taken away to a Muslim residence. But, she keeps her wits about her, and arranges a return voyage to Spain, where she can fetch her father’s store of buried treasure for an Algerian King. In short, Ana Felix sums up her story, in relation to Don Gregario, by saying that to this day “he is dressed as a woman, living among [Muslim] women, in the most extreme danger,” and that she wants to find a way to get him back. Once rescued, Don Gregario is so anxious to see Ana Felix that he travels to Don Antonio’s house to get a glimpse of her.

Once Rescued Don Gregario Exchanges His Woman’s Clothes With Attire Suited to His Rank and Dignity: Once Rescued, Don Gregario quickly exchanges the woman clothes he wore on the boat with clothes befitting his rank and dignity.

Don Quixote Wants To Rescue Don Gregario From Algeria: When Don Quixote hears about the plan to rescue Don Gregario from Algeria, he is greatly upset with the decision, because he thinks that it would be better to land him in Barbary—with don quixote – quixotismhis arms, armor, and horse—so that he can rescue the young Christian prisoner, “in the teeth of all the Moorish hordes, just as Don Gaiferos rescues his wife Melisendra.” Tossing all objections aside, Don Quixote insists that “once his boat lodges on [an] Algerian beach, they shall be able to climb aboard it, even if the whole world tries to stop them.” Here, Sancho Panza acknowledges that “though Don Quixote makes it seem easy as pie, the renegade’s plan seems much more likely to bring about the desired result.” To temper Don Quixote’s disappointment, Don Antonio says that if the Spanish renegade’s plan to rescue Don Gregario from Algiers fails then “they will send the great Don Quixote to Barbary to try out his design.” After Don Quixote is compelled to return home for a year (since the Knight of the White Moon defeats him in battle) he declares that he wished things had been otherwise, so he could sail to Barbary, where the might of his arm Don Quixote Fiction would have secured not only Don Gregario’s release but also the release of all of the Christian captives held in Algiers.

Don Gregario’s Nobility: By escaping Algeria, Don Gregario shows that he is “a person worthy to be sought, served, and respected.”

Don Gregario’s Reunion: When Don Gregario, Ana Felix, and Ricote reunite they show signs of mutual esteem and warmth, since the former “embraces her lover with great displays of tender affection, while the latter sheds tears of great joy upon seeing the young man free and his daughter made happy.”

Don Gregario’s Rescue From Algiers: After Don Gregario is rescued from Algiers, he tells the assembled host of “the dangers and difficulties he faced among the women he was left in the care of—not in a long speech but in a few words, which indicates good sense in excess of his years.” To support his story, a Muslim renegade describes “the ways and means that he’d employed to rescue Don Gregario.”

Don Gregario’s Reunion With His Parents: Evidently, Don Gregario travels to Don Antonio Moreno’s house, where Don Antonio says that “‘the first thing he will do is ensure that Don Gregario comes with him to relieve the anxiety his parents feel at his absence.’” Though Don Gregario is reluctant to leave Ana Felix so soon, the idea of seeing his parents again makes him agree with Don Antonio’s proposal. After Don Gregario sees his parents he returns to Ana Felix’s side to live with her happily ever after.

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