January 28, 2023

Don Luis and His Father’s Servants: A Young Noble Defies His Father

How Don Luis’s Father Finds Out Where to Look for His Son: Moved by Don Luis’s father’s laments, Don Luis’s classmate tells his father’s servants of his plan to go to Granada to win Dona Clara’s hand in marriage. Upon hearing from his servants that Don Luis travelled east, his father sends from the Don Quixote blog four of his most trusted helpers to look for his son.

Don Quixote - Don Luis and His Father’s Servants
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Don Luis’s Fathers Servants Try To Take Him Home: When one of Don Luis’s father’s servants sees him sleeping on a sack stuffed with hay, they grab the lad by the arm, and say that if the mother who raised him saw him in such a lowly condition she would be dismayed. Then this unnamed servant tells Don Luis that unless he wants to “send his father to an early grave out of grief at his unexplained absence,” he should come home with him because his absence has left his father depressed and dejected. Since Don Luis refuses to come away Don Quixote explains with them back to his father’s house, all four servants surround him to try and persuade Don Luis not to delay a moment longer but to return to his father at once. When Don Luis replies that “on no account can [he] return until he settles a matter that involves his life, his honour, and his soul,” the four servants insist that they are going to take him back whether he likes it or not. In response, Don Luis replies that they will do no such thing unless they carry him back dead, because if they take him back without Dona Clara, he might as well lose his life. The noise created by this argument awakens everyone at the inn, who all listen to the exchange with curiosity. The inn’s guests hear Cardenio ask his father’s servants why they are so determined to abscond with him against his will. One of them replies that since Don Luis has gone missing from his house in Seville, his father is at a loss without his son and sole heir. The servants reason, therefore, that to save his master’s life, they feel duty bound to fetch his son and sole heir and bring him back unharmed to his father’s loving arms. In response, Don Luis says that since he is free to do as he pleases he “will return home if [he] feels like it, and if [he] doesn’t feel like it none of them are going to force him to.” In reply, one of the servants says that if reason does not make him return with them they will do what they have Don Quixote argued in a blog post come to do and what it is their duty to do. Luckily, for Don Luis, before the four servants have a chance to snatch him, judge Viedma recognizes his neighbor’s son, tells the men to “calm down and be patient, since a satisfactory solution will soon be found.” Thanks to the judge’s fine words, Don Luis’s servants await the outcome of the judge’s talk with their young master in hopes that a satisfactory solution will soon be found. Later on, when Don Luis’s hel insist, yet again, that he must return home, a noblemen named Don Fernando reveals his identity to the servants by telling them that he’d like Don Luis to travel with him to Andalusia, where his brother the marquis lives, since Don Luis is so determined to pursue his suit of Luscinda. Since the four servants do not want to argue with a man of high rank, and because of Don Luis’s passionate love, they decide that three of them will go back and tell his father how matters really stand, and the fourth will stay and serve Don Luis, and not leave his side, until the others find out from his father what is best to be done.



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