February 8, 2023

Don Luis

Don Luis’s Background: Don Luis is Don Quixote Novel the son of an Argonese gentleman, the lord of two manners.

Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

Don Luis’s House: Don Luis Don Quixote Novel lives across the road from judge Juan Perez De Viedma: Dona Clara Viedma’s father.

Don Luis is A Student and a Poet: Don Quixote Novel Since Don Luis is an excellent student and poet, he writes his own verses.

Don Luis’s First Sees Don Quixote Narrative Donna Clara: Don Luis first sees Dona Clara either “in class, or at the local church.”

Don Luis Runs Away From His Father To Be With Dona Clara: Don Quixote Fiction When Don Luis discovers that Dona Clara is leaving Spain for Mexico City, he follows her to Granada, disguised as a footman, to convince her to marry him.










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