February 8, 2023

Don Quixote and Donna Rodriguez de Grijalba: a Knight Fights for a Doyenna’s Honor

Don Quixote and Donna Rodriguez
Don Quixote Novel

Bedroom Scene: When Don Quixote is laid-up in bed for five days in the Duke and Duchess’s country home because a cat tears his face and nose, a leading female doyenne in the house, named Donna Rodriguez, enters his room, wearing white widow’s weeds, with braided hems so long that they swath her body from head to toe. Startled by her sudden entrance into his bed chamber, Don Quixote hops atop his bed, wrapped from head to foot in a yellow satin bedspread, with a nightcap complete with earflaps, and as Don Quixote is explaining in its blog post bandages on his face, looking like “the weirdest ghost imaginable.” In turn, Donna Rodriguez also appears like an apparition to Don Quixote because she enters the room, with quiet tread, holding in her left hand half a lighted candle, which casts a deadly pallor on her face. This, coupled with the fact that Donna Rodriguez shades her face with a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles to keep the candle’s glare out of her eyes, makes her look strange to Don Quixote. What’s more, since Donna Rodriguez makes her appearance in the middle of the night like a phantom, Don Quixote thinks she is some witch, or Don Quixote blog: what is Novel? sorceress, from the underworld, intent on doing him some evil harm. So ensues a funny exchange where Don Quixote is frightened that Donna Rodriguez is some wicked enchantress, while Donna Rodriguez is petrified to see such a tall and thin pale man, standing in his bedspread, with disfiguring bandages draped all over his face. In fact, so great is Donna Rodriguez’s shock at Don Quixote’s strange appearance, funny deeds, and weird words, that she drops her candle, turns to run away, but instead trips over her skirts, and crashes to the ground, in a disorganized jumble. Terrified, Don Quixote thinks that Donna Rodriquez is a lost soul come from purgatory to seek comfort from him. Realizing Don Quixote’s ghastly conjecture, Don Rodriguez insists that she is not a ghostly vision, or a lost soul, floating to earth from the heavens, but rather is the Duchess’s maid of honor come to him with an urgent desire to compel Tosilos to marry his daughter.


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