February 8, 2023

Don Quixote and His Niece: Crazy Uncle and His Compassionate Niece

Don Quixote and His Niece
Don Quixote Novel

Don Quixote Renounces Chivalry To His Niece on His Death Bed: Looking to the well being of his soul before he dies, Don Quixote wakes-up and tells the his niece: “Blessed be Almighty God, who has done [him] such good! Indeed his mercy knows no bounds, and the sins of men do not lessen or obstruct it.” Furthermore, Don Quixote tells his niece that his “mind has been restored to [him], and, [thus], it is now clear and free, without those gloomy shadows of ignorance cast over [him by his] wretched, Don Quixote: Themes: a post obsessive reading of those detestable books of chivalry, [since he can now recognize] their absurdity and deceitfulness.”

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