February 8, 2023

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza: Idealistic Knight and His Practical Squire

Don Quixote Spurs Sancho Panza To Act With Respect In Front Of The Duke and Duchess of Aragon: Don Quixote chastises Sancho Panza, sternly, by telling him that since the Duke and Duchess of Aragon take such good care of him, he should not be overly concerned with Characters post from Don Quixote his donkey’s treatment. According to Don Quixote’s logic, if the Duke and Duchess’s treatment of them indicates their overall make-up and quality, they will ensure that his ass is cared for adequately.

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
Don Quixote Novel

Don Quixote Is Embarrassed By Sancho Panza’s Long Story At the Don Quixote`s blog Duke and Duchess’s Dining Room Table: When Sancho Panza tells a garrulous story to the Duke and Duchess about how a rich hidalgo tells a prosperous farmer to sit down, shut-up, and take the head of the table, since, “as far as the farmer is concerned, wherever the hidalgo sits, will be the head of the table,” Don Quixote is visibly embarrassed by his pauses, interjections, hesitations, and changes of direction, which he displays on his face by “turning a thousand different colors of brown and gray.”

Don Quixote Trains Sancho Panza To Be A Knight Errant: Before Quixote sends Panza to a glade to meet the Duchess of Aragon, he advises his squire to be careful not to intersperse his message with any of the usual assortment of proverbs he sometimes utters, so that he can deliver a concise, courteous, and polite message, worthy of olden-day knights.

Don Quixote Asks Sancho Panza To Reduce His Long Strings of Proverbs: To urge Panza “to develop a straightforward, coherent argument without using proverbs,” Quixote tells him to use moral maxims sparingly, only if they are appropriate and timely.

Quixote Wonders if Panza Should Be Made A Governor: Though Sancho Panza’s characteristic blend of intelligence and foolishness, shrewdness and gullibility, honesty and villainy, makes Don Quixote wonder if it is written by Don Quixote a good idea to make him Governor, our knight still thinks that his squire has a certain aptitude for governing because “with some slight adjustments to his attitude and thinking he can manage to govern anything at all through sheer dogged persistence.” In fact, just when Don Quixote thinks that Sancho Panza’s “stupidity a long Themes blog content from Don Quixote will bring him crashing to the ground, he comes out with good sense that raises him to the skies.”

Quixote Will Not Exchange Sancho Panza For Any Other Squire In The World: Don Quixote will not exchange  Panza for “any other squire in the world, not even if some great man offered him a city to do so.”

Quixote Defends Panza From A Group of Rascally Underchefs Who Try To Wash His Beard In Filthy Dish Water: When Don Quixote sees Sancho Panza foully festooned in a streaky towel surrounded by a miscellany of kitchen riff-raff, he Don Quixote: Themes blog article tells the underchefs to leave his servant alone, and to “go back the way [they] came, or another way if they prefer,” since his squire’s beard should not be handled by filthy hands, immersed in grimy dishwater, and dried by dirty towels.

Quixote Comments On Panza’s Chatty Speech: Don Quixote tells the Duke that his squire is “better at loosening his tongue to babble mischief then at tightening a girth to secure a saddle.”



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