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Don Quixote and the Duke: A Knight and His Lord

Don Quixote and the Duke’s Formal Introduction: After the funny introductory scene, when Sancho Panza falls to the ground entangled in Dapple’s halter and Don Quixote crashes to the ground expecting Sancho Panza to hold up his stirrup, Don Quixote musters the good grace to present himself before the Duke by kneeling before him and vouching his services. The Duke, upon seeing Don Quixote kneeling before him to express his oath of allegiance, Don Quixote`s blog does not allow him to kneel and prostrate himself before his Excellency, since he views Don Quixote as a special friend worthy of esteem and honor.

Don Quixote and the Duke
Don Quixote Novel

The Duke Tells Don Quixote That The Negligence of His Squire Is Not His Fault: The Duke embraces Don Quixote and says that though it is rather unfortunate that he fell off his horse when he was trying to make a good first impression, since he is a knight himself he understands that sometimes the negligence of squires is beyond the control of their master knights, “however vigilant Don Quixote Wrote they are or however conscientious they may be.” Pleased with this response, Don Quixote says that meeting the noble Duke more than makes up for his unfortunate fall, since, the Duke, being a knight, has raised Don Quixote up and brought him back from the depths of his misfortune, even if he had fallen into the deep recesses of a yawning abyss.

Don Quixote Vows That He Will Serve The Duke To The Best Of His Ability: To reassure the Duke that he is at his disposal, Don Quixote vouches that whether he finds himself fallen or risen, on foot or on horseback, or in whatever state don quixote said in a blog Post he is in, he shall always fight for the Duke, a worthy consort, and will be at the disposal of the Duchess, the worthy queen of beauty and paramount princess of courtesy.

Thus addressed, the Duke refers to Don Quixote as the Knight of the Two Lions, whom he invites to stay at his rustic castle, or country house, where he will give him the reception due to an exalted personage. Subsequently, when the Duke, the Duchess, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza sit down to dinner, the Duke invites our knight to take the head of the table. Although Don Quixote refuses the Duke’s offer out of politeness, the Duke insists that Don Quixote sit in the seat of honor. After the meal is finished, the Duke tells his servants to wash his his Don Quixote / Themes beard as they did Don Quixote’s to prevent our knight from realizing that the ablution ceremony is nothing but a joke. Cervantes then narrates that the Duke had sworn that if they did not wash him as they had Don Quixote, he would punish them for acting without his permission. A bit later, when Don Quixote hesitates to describe Dulcinea, since he feels that ancient Greek artists and famous Greek sculpturers are more equal to the task, the Duke encourages him to try by saying that it would not only “give him great pleasure if he depicted a rough sketch of her loveliness [but also a verbal account of] her features would excite envy even in the most beautiful of women.” Don Quixote tells the Duke that had Dulcinea’s image not been erased from his mind by the misfortune that had fell upon her not long ago he would. But when he went to see her some days ago to kiss her hands and receive her blessing for his third sally, he found a woman quite different than the one he was seeking. This reply causes the Duke to ask: who had deprived the world of Dulcinea’s beauty; who had stripped her of her wit; who had denied her virtue. To answer the Duke’s inquiries, Don Quixote says that it must have been one of the many wicked and accursed enchanters that seek to “obscure and obliterate the exploits of the good, and light up and exalt the doings of the wicked,” that have deprived him of his lady is to “deny him the eyes with which he sees, the sun by which he is lighted, and the food by which he is sustained.”

Don Quixote Revives the Duke After A Wooden Horse Named Clavileno the a long Themes blog article from Don Quixote Swift Explodes and Knocks Him Out: When the Duke pretends to lie unconscious on the ground due to an alleged concussion he sustains after a wooden horse named Clavileno the Swift detonates a load of fireworks, Don Quixote seizes the Duke’s hand and tries to restore him back to life by saying that he should take heart since there is nothing to worry about since the adventure of Clavileno the Swift is over without anyone being hurt. With these words the Duke slowly comes back to life as if “he is gradually awaking from a deep sleep.”


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