January 28, 2023

Don Quixote and The Grave Churchmen: Funny Knight Meets Intolerant Prelate

Don Quixote and The Grave Churchmen
Don Quixote Novel

Don Quixote’s Rebuts The Grave Churchmen: Don Quixote rebuts the grave Churchman’s verbal attacks, quite robustly, when he says that “men of letters attack with the same weapon that women do—their tongues—and so he shall employ his own tongue and engage in equal combat with a man from whom one would have expected good advice, rather than infamous insults.” To defend himself Themes Blog Post From Don Quixote further, Don Quixote says that pious and well-intentioned reproof requires other circumstances and other settings ? and that condemning him so harshly in public goes far beyond the limits of benevolent reproof, better founded on gentleness, not harshness. Furthermore, Don Quixote says that it is not right for the grave Churchmen to call him a sinner, a fool and an idiot, without certain foreknowledge of his sins. To cast further doubt on the Grave Churchman’s logic, Don Quixote asks him to enumerate the specific sins he condemns and insults him for, as opposed to telling him to go home and take care of his wife and children without knowing if he has any. Then, Don Quixote asks the grave churchmen if it is appropriate to go bursting into official Don Quixote blog other men’s homes to rule their lives ? or if it is right for priests who are brought up in the narrow confines of some residence hall to take it upon themselves to dismiss chivalry as chimerical and unnecessary. Then Don Quixote queries if it is empty nonsense and a waste of time to wander about the world in search, not of pleasure, but of the rough and rutted footpath up which the virtuous climb to the heights of immortality. Then Don Quixote tells the Grave Churchmen if he, Don Quixote, were considered a fool by knights, grandees, or the high-born, he should hold it to be an irreparable affront, but personal insults, Don Quixote has announced coming from an angry priest, who does not know what he is talking about, does not concern him one iota. Don Quixote ends his screed by saying that a man who believes in all of this should only be called a fool by the Duke and Duchess, not by some angry prelate who is intolerant and narrow minded. In conclusion, Don Quixote says that “a Knight he is, and a Knight he shall die, if it pleases the lord above,” and that it is none of the grave Churchmen’s business what he does with his life.


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