February 8, 2023

Donna Guimor de Quinones

Her Identity: Dona Quinones “is the wife of the president of the Naples Tribunal.”

Donna Guimor de Quinones
Don Quixote Novel

Her Destination: Dona Quinones Don Quixote Fiction travels to Barcelona.

Her Escort: On the road to Barcelona, Dona Quinones rides with “a coachful of women,” three of her “foot servants,” three of her “horse servants, two Napelese infantry Captains on horseback,” “two” of their “foot” servants, and a few “pilgrims on foot,” who scout ahead, deliver messages, and secure food.

Her Coach: Dona Quinones young daughter, a maid, and her Doyenne, ride in her horse carriage.

Her Servants: Six foot-men don quixote – quixotic novels accompany Dona Quinones’s coach.

Her Reaction to Being Robbed: Faced with the confiscation of her property, Dona Quinones is plunged into “deep sorrow.” Since Captain Roque allows her to keep some of her money, she “tries to throw herself from the coach to kiss [his] hands and feet, but [Captain Roque] doesn’t allow her to do any such thing.” Rather, he begs Dona Quinones for forgiveness “for the wrong he does to her, forced, as he [is] to comply with the wicked obligations of his calling.”

She Turns Money Over to Captain Roque: Don Quixote Story Dona Quinones “orders one of her servants to hand over eighty escudos” to Captain Roque.” After paying Captain Roque she is let free.


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