February 8, 2023

Dorotea and Luscinda: Sympathetic Girlfriends

Dorotea and Luscinda - Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

Dorotea’s Compassion for Luscinda: When Dorotea hears Luscinda sighing and sobbing she draws near and asks what is wrong with her, for “if it is something another woman can help her with, she’ll do so with the best will in the world.” When the grieving lady does not answer, Dorotea repeats her offer with even greater urgency, since she is “moved by natural compassion.”

Luscinda’s Compassion for Dorotea: After Dorotea speaks such fine words to Don Fernando, with such feeling that she stops speaking and starts sighing and sobbing so sorrowfully that “only a heart of brass could have remained unmoved,” Luscinda stands gazing down at her, no less afflicted by her grief than amazed at her beauty and good sense. Although Luscinda wants to hurry to Dorotea’s side with some words of comfort, Don Fernando holds her in his iron grip, until, won over by reason, he lets Luscinda comfort Dorotea.

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