February 8, 2023

Duke of Aragon

The Duke Issues Orders and Gives Commands: First, the Duke of Aragon tells his huntsmen to rescue Don Quixote and Sancho Panza—by picking one of them up from the ground and by extricating the other from his Donkey’s halter—since they are unfortunate enough to come crashing to the ground: one, because his squire does not to hold-up his stirrup, and the Don Quixote Story other because his foot gets entangled by his ass’s muzzle rope. Then “the Duke rides ahead and gives his servants instructions about how they are to treat Don Quixote,” so that when our knight arrives at his castle he is received with the honor, respect and approbation that should be accorded to a valiant, dream-questing, knight errant. Indeed, the Duke’s commandments are carried out magnificently since “two lackeys, or grooms, instantly appear, [at Don Quixote’s approach] wearing ankle Don Quixote Narrative robes known as dressing gowns, of the finest satin crimson,” in which they help him dismount from his steed. Later, after the foursome have dinner together, the Duke gives fresh orders about how Don Quixote is to be treated as a knight errant, making it clear to his servants that he should be treated like knights of old are said to have been treated.

Duke of Aragon
Don Quixote Novel

The Duke Comments On Part I Of Don Quixote De La Mancha: After reading Part I of Don Quixote’s exploits the Duke tells our knight that even if Dulcinea is as amazingly beautiful as he says, as regards the blueness of her blood “she isn’t quite the equal of the Orianas, or the Alastrajareas, or the Madasimas,” or others of similar ilk.

The Duke’s Reaction To The Enchantment of Dulcinea: When their conversation turns to the Don Quixote Story – enchanted Dulcinea, Don Quixote says he would describe her if her “image had not been erased from his mind by the misfortune of enchantment that fell upon her” not long ago. In response, the Duke asks who had done the world the evil of transmogrifying Dulcinea from a beautiful, witty, and virtuous lady into an enchanted country bumpkin.

The Duke Is A Knight: The Duchess tells readers that “though [her] lord and husband mightn’t be all that errant that does not stop him from being a knight.” Therefore, he’ll keep his word about the island governorship because “once a knight has made a promise, he strives to keep it, even if it costs him his life.”

The Duke’s Letter To Sancho Panza During His Governorship of Barataria: The Duke sends Sancho Panza a letter during his governorship of Barataria warning him that some of his enemies are plotting to subvert his government, and overthrow his political leadership, by launching a furious assault on the town one night. This missive also states that the Duke has learned, from his trustworthy spies that “four persons have entered Barataria in disguise” to take Sancho Panza’s life because they are scared of his intelligence. Therefore, he should “stay awake and Reconquista Combat  alert and keep his eyes open, [and] be careful about who comes to speak with him, [and to] not eat any food that is given as a gift, [and, in short,] to always act as one would expect a man of his caliber to act.”



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