January 28, 2023

Duke Ricardo (Don Fernando’s Father)

Land/Rank: Duke Ricardo is a grandee of Spain Don Quixote Narrative whose estate lies in the best part of Andalusia from which he takes his title.

Duke Ricardo
Don Quixote Novel

Sons: Duke Ricardo has “two sons: the elder is the heir to his estate and, so it seems, his virtuous habits, Don Quixote Fiction and the younger is the heir, [according to Dorotea, of she doesn’t] know what, unless it is the treachery of Vellido and the deceit of Ganelon.”

Letter: Duke Ricardo writes a letter to Cardenio’s father asking him to “send [his son] immediately [to him because] he wants Cardenio, as a companion, not as a servant, for his Don Quixote Novel elder son.” In this letter, Duke Ricardo promises “to situate [Cardenio] in accordance with his high opinion of [him].”

Reception of Cardenio: Duke Ricardo so “well receives and treats [Cardenio upon his arrival in Andalusia] that envy immediately starts to do its work and possess his servants, for they think that all the signs he gives of favouring [Cardenio] is to their detriment.”

Duke Ricardo’s Role in the Dorotea Affair: To dissuade Don Fernando from making his love known for Dorotea, Cardenio threatens “to put the matter don quixote – quixotic novels before his father, Duke Ricardo.” But Cardenio never has a chance to tell Duke Ricardo about his son’s love for Dorotea because Don Fernando tells him that he “can’t think of anything to take his mind off of Dorotea’s beauty other than going with him to his city” on the pretense of fetching some excellent horses. This is why Duke Ricardo gives his son permission to go to Cardenio’s home village.

Duke Ricardo’s Oldest Son (Don Fernando’s Elder Brother)

His Relationship to Cardenio: Cardenio tells us that Duke Ricardo’s “elder son liked [him] and treated him well, though he didn’t go to Don Fernando’s don quixote – quixotism extremes of attention and affection.” Later, Don Fernando sends Cardenio to his elder brother to ask for six horses. When Cardenio arrives in Andalusia, and gives his letters of introduction to Don Fernando, “he is well received but his business is not well attended to,” because Don Fernando’s elder brother tells him to wait for a week, where Duke Ricardo cannot find him, since [his brother] had written him asking him to send money without his father’s knowledge.”


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