January 28, 2023

Duke’s Post-Page (He Pretends to Be An Enchanted Dulcinea)

Duke’s Post-Page
Don Quixote Novel

The Post Page’s Physical Description: To convince Don Quixote that Dulcinea is enchanted, a young post-page enters a wooded forest “sitting on top of a triumphal war-chariot on a high throne, wearing a thousand pieces of silver cloth, with countless spangles glittering all over them.” Though his head Don Quixote Narrative is covered in a thin veil, the threads in his warp cannot prevent a lovely maiden’s face from being glimpsed between them. Thus, when he rises to his feet and removes his delicate veil, he reveals the smooth face of a pretty young lady, which makes people think he is exceedingly beautiful.

The Post Page’s Age: He is nineteen-years-old.

The Post Page Urges Sancho Panza To Whip Himself To Remove the Magic Spell Cast on Him: Don Quixote Novel The Duke’s post-page tries to convince Sancho Panza to “arouse that slothful spirit of his” and set free his smooth flesh, gentle character, and lovely face, by lashing his ample buttocks. Sensing Sancho Panza’s reluctance to whip himself, the Duke’s post page says that his blooming teenage youth is being consumed, and withered away Reconquista Fighting  beneath the course exterior of a rustic peasant girl. If, he continues, Sancho Panza “does not relent and come to reasonable terms for his own sake, he should do so for the sake of the poor knight standing by his side.”




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