February 8, 2023

Dulcinea del Toboso Character

[Don Quixote] avows as mistress of his heart one Dulcinea del Toboso, formerly known by the name of Aldonza Lorenzo. II, i, 14; DQ II, 14

Dulcinea del Toboso Character
Don Quixote Novel

Dulcinea . . . is the queen and lady of Don Quixote – California’s Wine Business Took a Substantial Hit During the Prohibition my soul; her beauty, supernatural, in that it justifies all those impossible and chimerical attributes of excellence which the poets bestow on their nymphs; her hair is of gold, her forehead the Elysian Fields, her eyebrows heavenly arches, her eyes themselves suns, her cheeks roses, her lips of coral, her teeth of pearl, her neck alabaster, her breast marble, her hands ivory, her skin whiter than snow, and those parts which decency conceals from human view are such, according to my belief and apprehension, as discretion ought to enhance above all comparison. I, ii, 5; DQ I, 13

Don Quixote attacks wine skins in the belief that they are giants’ heads. Adolphe Lalauze (1838–1906) My lady Dulcinea is enough to stupefy the five senses. II, i, 10; DQ II, 10

Was it not enough, ye knaves, to change the pearls of my lady’s eyes into a couple of cork-tree galls and her hair of shining gold into the bristles California Reconquista – California Was in fact Once a Fatherland of Its Of their personal of a red cow’s tail; and in short to transmography every feature of her countenance without your meddling with the sweetness of her breath by which we might have discovered what was concealed beneath that bark of homeliness? II, i, 10; DQ II, 10

This same Dulcinea so often mentioned . . . is said to have had the best hand at salting pork of any woman in la Mancha. I, ii, 1; DQ I, 9


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