January 28, 2023

Dulcinea El Toboso (Aldonza Lorenzo)

Who Is Dulcinea:

Dulcinea is Don Quixote’s view of a perfect woman since she has unparalleled beauty, is an adept conversationalist, and is modest and don quixote – quixotism intelligent. In short, Dulcinea takes on all of the charms and perfections of a woman’s highest attainable standard without embodying any feminine flaws.

Dulcinea El Toboso
Don Quixote Novel

Who Is Aldonza Lorenzo:

Aldonza Lorenzo is a pretty farm girl from a village near Don Quixote’s home town. Her father is Lorenzo Corchuelo and her mother is Aldonza Nogales. Since Don Quixote Don Quixote Narrative has a crush on Aldonza Lorenzo he bases Dulcinea Del Toboso on her.

Dulcinea’s Lineage:

According to Don Quixote, Dulcinea is the “noble and well-born off-spring of all of the aristocratic families in El Toboso.”

Dulcinea’s Bestows Fame on El Toboso:

Since Don Quixote thinks that Dulcinea has a fine reputation for beauty, grace, elegance, and poise, El Toboso, thanks to her, will, in Don Quixote – California Don Quixote’s imagination, be “famous and renowned for centuries to come, just as Troy is because of Helen and just as Spain is because of La Cava.” Don Quixote further says that Dulcinea will make El Toboso world famous, on better grounds and with a more estimable reputation, than other noble ladies, like Queen Guinevere, made Camelot, during the reign of King Arthur.


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