February 8, 2023

Emerencia (Altisidora’s Girl Friend)

Emerencia (Altisidora’s Girl Friend)
Don Quixote Novel

Emerencia and Altisidora: Emerencia insists that Altisidora sing a sonnet to Don Quixote in a Don Quixote Fiction garden courtyard below his window. But when Altisidora is reticent to do so because she does not want to disturb the Duchess of Aragon, Emerencia says that the Duchess is probably “asleep, and everyone else is too, except for the lord of her heart and the rouser Don Quixote Tale of her soul.” Then Emerencia tells Altisidora that “just now [she] heard [Don Quixote] opening the window grille in his room, so he must be awake.” Afterwards Emerencia prompts Altisidora to “sing softly and quietly to the sound of [her] harp, and if the Duchess hears [them they will] blame it on the heat.” The next morning, when Don Quixote swaggers into an antechamber, pumped-up don quixote – quixotism by his recent love song, Emerencia stations herself to catch Altisidora when she pretends to faint. Then, Emerencia “takes [Altisidora] into her lap and hastens to unlace her bodices.” In response to Don Quixote’s assertion that he “know[s] what causes these attacks, [Emerencia replies that she] doesn’t because Altisidora is the healthiest maid in the house.” What’s Don Quixote Novel – more, Emerencia swears that she “has never heard as much as a single sigh from [Altisidora] all the time [she] has known her.” Then, Emerencia tells Don Quixote that “the devil [should] take [the souls of] all knights errant in the world if they’re equally unappreciative.” In sum, Emerencia tells Don Quixote to go away because Altisidora “won’t come to her senses while he is around.”


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