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Episodes in Don Quixote

Episodes Involving Dwarfs

Episodes in Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

When Don Quixote Appears at the first inn, he expects “a dwarf to appear on the battlements and announce, with a trumpet blast, the arrival of a knight,” like in days of yore. When Don Quixote explains a chivalric scenario involving a knight dinning with a beautiful princess, he explains that after dinner, when the tables are removed, “a tiny ugly dwarf will appear in the hall door according to a Don Quixote blog with a beautiful maiden following him between two giants, “bringing a certain adventure-game contrived by a most experienced sage. Later, when Don Quixote asks Sancho Panza if Dulcinea he gave any gifts when she took his letter to her, our knight tells readers that “it is a common and ancient custom among knights and ladies errant to make to squires, dwarfs, and damsels, a gift of some rich jewel in gratitude of their errand.”

Episode of The French Pirates (Captive Captain’s Tale)

On the Costa del Sol, in the Mediterranean Sea, just off the southern coast of Spain, Captain Viedma sees a square rigged vessel steering directly for his sloop, thanks to the silver light of a full-moon shining directly overhead. When the two naval ships are destined to pass each other with only a few feet of sea between them, Captain Viedma has to shorten his sails to avoid a mid-sea collision. On instructions from a Muslim Renegade aboard his sloop, Ruy Perez de Viedma, and company, do not reply to the inquiries of the French Privateers since they are privateers who plunder anything and everything on the high seas. Questions the French Privateers ask them are who they are, where they are Check out this blog post via don Quixote going, and where they are from. These questions are met with stony silence in hopes that somehow Captain Viedma’s schooner will somehow escape the clutches of the unruly Frenchmen. Unfortunately, this non-reply draws the ire of the French privateers, who suddenly, without warning, fire two cannons loaded with chainshot at Captain Viedma’s sloop, sundering his mast in two with one shot, and caving-in the wooden midsection of his ship, with the other. With a truncated main mast and a leaking wooden mid-rift, a dozen well armed Frenchmen climb into Captain Viedma’s sloop, with glowing fuses lighted and harquebuses pointed at the Christian crew, to take rapid control of the ship. To avoid turning over Lela Zoraida’s treasure to the privateers, the Muslim Renegade picks-up her jewel-coffer on the sly and drops it into the sea: so he can retrieve it later. Since Captain Viedma’s vessel is sinking rapidly, the French Privateers transfer the assembled throng of Christians and Moors to their schooner where they are stripped of everything they own. In fact, many Frenchmen want to tie Captain Viedma, Lela Zoraida, and the others up in their sail and throw them overboard to drown, since they do not want any witnesses to identify them later. Since many of these Don Quixote post to a company blog French Privateers assume they will disguise themselves as Bretons to trade in Spanish ports, they feel that they can leave no witnesses alive to reveal who they really are. Luckily for Captain Viedma and the others, the French captain says that “he is happy with the prize that he has taken and doesn’t intend to call on any Spanish port but rather to slip through the straits of Gibraltar by night, or in whatever way he can, and make for La Rochelle,” instead. Agreeing to let his prisoners have a small skiff loaded with two barrels of water and some ship’s biscuits, the French Captain, moved by strange compassion, gives Lela Zoraida forty gold escudos and stops the men from taking the clothes she wears. From his small dingy, the Captive Captain spots Spain the next day, which more than makes-up for the hardships inflicted by the French privateers.


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