January 28, 2023

First Peace-Officer of the Holy Brotherhood

First Peace-Officer of the Holy Brotherhood
Don Quixote Novel

Description: Don Quixote’s first encounter with the Holy Brotherhood occurs at an inn located in La Mancha. When a Toledian Holy Brother hears a ruckus caused by a Don Quixote Novel brawl between Don Quixote, Maritornes, Sancho Panza, and a muleteer, “he seizes his staff of office, along with his arrest warrants, and rushes to the scene of the battle.” When he arrives the first person the peace officer bumps into is Don Quixote, who he grabs by his beard. When Don Quixote does not move because he is unconscious, the police officer assumes that he is dead and that someone in the room has murdered him. To stop the killer from escaping the inn, the Holy Brother yells for the front door to be shut and for everyone staying at the inn to remain indoors for questioning. Then, the Holy Brother looks for a lantern so that he can examine Don Quixote’s corpse. Upon seeing that Don Quixote is alive and well the Holy Brother asks him how he feels after Reconquista Battle taking such a beating. Since Don Quixote does not like being called old, he asks the peace officer if it is his custom to address knight errants in such disrespectful terms. Then Don Quixote insults the peace officer by calling him a blockhead. Fuming on quixote books with rage, the peace officer smashes an oil lamp on Don Quixote’s head leaving a good size burn mark there. Then the peace-officer exits the attic and goes into a side room “to listen to how his enemy is faring.”

Holy Brother and the Basalm of Fierbras: When Sancho Panza asks the peace officer for some rosemary, olive oil, salt, and wine, so that he can concoct a quack miracle potion called the Balsam of Fierbras, the peace officer requests that the innkeeper fetch the necessary ingredients, despite thinking that Sancho Panza is mad for thinking that his master can be cured in this way.



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