November 28, 2023

Getting married in Spain

The procedure for getting married in Spain

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the location of your ideal vacation thanks to the availability of private Spanish rural houses, wedding photography, exclusive luxury villas, and modern seaside platforms. Your wedding day will be one of remarkable beauty wherever you decide to have it—chic Marbella, lively Barcelona, the majestic Benahavis mountains, the costa Brava coast, or the unique island of Ibiza—choose any of these locations.


The travel time from the UK to Spain is around only two hours on average, making it a great location for proximity. In addition, Spain has an abundance of sunshine, making it an ideal location for your dream outdoor ceremony and romantic vision of alfresco eating. When compared to the UK, there is a significant decrease in monthly rainfall, which contributes to significantly clearer skies and higher average temperatures.

Delicious food, copious amounts of Rioja, and a laid-back lifestyle are sure to provide an upbeat environment for the celebration of your big day. One thing is for certain: Spain is undoubtedly a sought-after venue for ideal destination weddings. Gaze out over mesmerizing seafronts, wonder in the wondrous environment, and be charmed by the Medieval settings; these are just some of the reasons why.

We chat to Matthew of International Wedding Planners Matthew Oliver to give you an insight into getting wed in Spain and what you need to consider;


There are several prerequisites to meet, and they vary according on the kind of ceremony being held.Marriages conducted in accordance with religious tenets are deemed to be lawful under Spanish law; but, in order to get an official certificate of marriage, the marriage must first be registered with the local civil authorities.

What are the conditions that citizens of the UK need to meet legally?

In order for couples from the United Kingdom to participate in a Spanish legal civil ceremony when neither partner holds Spanish citizenship, one of the individuals in the couple must have been a resident of Spain legally for at least the two years before to the ceremony.

On the other hand, religious ceremonies do not need to be followed by a second civil ceremony or residency before they can take place. Catholics can apply for a marriage license through their parish priest, who will then coordinate the ceremony with the priest of the church where the couple wants to get married. Couples that identify as Protestant, Islamic, or Jewish will be required to submit their applications to the local municipality or registry office.

You are going to need to:

both parties need to present their valid passports.
Original birth certificates for both the plaintiff and the defendant
Evidence showing the parties do not face any legal obstacles to their marriage, sometimes known as a “certificate of no impediment,” is essential.
Divorce/Annulment if applicable
Certificate of residence or empadronamiento (at least one of the individuals getting married must already be a Spanish citizen or have been a resident of Spain for at least the previous two years)

Documents will need to have their contents translated in every possible scenario.

When getting married in Spain, many couples from the United Kingdom choose to have a symbolic service or a blessing performed in front of their family and friends, as opposed to going through the legal requirements of getting married in Spain before their wedding.


Because of its many offerings, Spain is consistently ranked among our top choices for vacation spots. There is a diverse selection of locations and backdrops available around the country, ranging from beachside homes and five-star resorts to castles that are suited for the royal family of Spain.

When would be the ideal time of year to start a new life together?

Couples should select a time of year that is convenient for them, preferably one that is neither very hot nor excessively cold, as well as a weekend that not only coincides with the availability of the venue but also works for them. Because it is possible to tie the knot on weekends and holidays, I wouldn’t recommend avoiding any specific dates of the year. Long weekends are a popular option for some of our couples’ weddings since they allow their guests to avoid taking off as much time from work.

Do you need to take a trip to Spain before you get married?

The answer to this question is dependent on the kind of wedding. It is recommended that each pair get in touch with their respective local contact. We highly encourage making a trip in advance of the wedding to view everything in person and to meet with the people who will be providing the services.

How much time prior to the ceremony and how much time afterward do you need to spend in the country?

This will differ from wedding to wedding, but it’s always a good idea to get there a few days early so you can adjust to the climate and take it easy.

Where do you like to go the most when you’re in Spain?

Atzaro in Ibiza, Son Brull in Mallorca, and Hotel Palacio Villapanés in Seville are some of our most popular venues right now, although the list is far from exhaustive. We are always on the lookout for new places to visit, and we frequently find ones that take our breath away.


We are international wedding planners here at Matthew Oliver, and we’ve had the incredible opportunity to work on weddings all around Europe and the rest of the world.

We get a lot of joy out of exploring new areas and locations, getting motivation from our surroundings, and producing stunning events as a result. It’s one of our strong suits. We accomplish this by getting to know our couples, their preferences, and using this information to help them choose the location and vendors that will most effectively support their vision for their wedding day.

What is it about weddings and what you do that brings you the most joy?

The aspect that I look forward to the most is being able to observe how joyful the couple is on their special day. Nothing can compare to the feeling you get when you realize you played a role in making someone else happy.

Our work might be challenging and taxing at times, but the satisfaction we get from seeing the joy on their faces when something we’ve been laboring on for them finally comes to fruition makes it all worthwhile.


Wedinspire offers an impressive selection of high-quality locations all across Spain and Ibiza; the following is a small sampling of some of our top favorites, all of which will have you uttering “I Do” while celebrating your wedding in this breathtaking area of the world:




This Cannot Be the Right Location.



You must have finally found the location you’ve been looking for! An truly one-of-a-kind location situated close to Barcelona with amazing views over the Catalan hills that is ideal for hosting your jaw-droppingly beautiful wedding ceremony and reception.



Casa La Siesta



Southern Spain is home to the stunning and one-of-a-kind wedding venue known as Casa La Siesta, which is available for exclusive use. The chic furnishings, charming gardens, and charming courtyards of Casa La Siesta make it the ideal location for a wedding ceremony.




Mas Torroella



The Luxury Villa & Spa at Mas Torroella is a Catalan manor home that dates back to the 14th century. It provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to say “I do” while experiencing elegance, luxury, and history in a stunning and unrivaled serene position that is still only a stone’s throw away from the ocean.

The home can accommodate up to 300 guests in its magnificent gardens, which have been lovingly restored to retain much of the building’s original character and charm. The property is spread out spaciously across three stories.



Cigarral de las Mercedes



El Cigarral is an outstanding site with breathtaking views across the Spanish environment that is suitable for hosting intimate wedding celebrations. It is located on a magnificent farm estate that looks out over the ancient town of Toledo.

The conservation efforts, traditional architecture, and historical-cultural roots that went into the creation of the El Cigarral gardens have contributed to their status as one of the most admired landscapes in all of Toledo. The estate features a variety of settings that are available for you and your guests to enjoy, such as the breathtaking lake and the breathtaking outdoor wedding areas.




Ibiza’s Finest Pure House

Ibiza is located in Spain.


Pure House Ibiza, a property located in paradise, is a tranquil retreat where you can relax, unwind, and even say “I Do” within an isolated oasis. This is the ideal location for a wedding. The resort can host several sorts of destination weddings, ranging from boho-chic to hippie informal or very classy, but it will always have an Ibizan vibe to it. The retreat is immersed in nature and is separated from the rest of the world.

You should check out Getting Married in Ibiza and Ibiza’s Best Wedding Venues for more information.


An picturesque setting on the Costa Brava, the Medieval Castle estate of Cortal Gran dates back to the 15th century and features a range of enchanted wedding venues that are brimming with character and charm.

The imposing courtyard, the authentic arches hall, the huge great porch, the historic main arch, the iron structure temple, not to mention the enchanting private forest and the picture-perfect gardens, are just some of the spaces that are available at Cortal Gran for you to commemorate each and every moment of your wedding. You and your guests will have an incredible variety of options available to them.