January 31, 2023

Grave Churchman at the Duke’s Castle

The Grave Churchman’s Negative Introduction: Right away the grave churchman at the Duke’s castle is introduced as a severe prelate who tries to rule noblemen’s houses: an individual who “not having been born noble himself, never manages don quixote – quixotic novels to teach those who are noble how to live up to their rank; a person who wants the greatness of the great to be measured by his own narrowness of mind; one of those clerics, who, in an attempt to teach the people he rules to avoid extravagance, turns them into misers.”

Grave Churchman at the Duke’s Castle
Don Quixote Novel

The Grave Churchman Is Intolerant of Sancho Panza’s Speech: The grave churchman is extremely intolerant of speech that does not concern, or interest, him. For example, he calls Don Quixote Sancho Panza a chatterer, and urges him to finish his story about a hidalgo’s burial, “unless he wants to be buried himself.”

The Grave Churchman Insults Don Quixote: After the Grave Churchman hears talk of giants and caitiffs and enchantments and scurvy knaves, he tells “Don Idiot to go back home and to look after his wife and children and to stop going about the world turning himself into a laughing stalk.”

The Grave Churchman Faults The Duke For Reading Part One of Don Quixote’s History: The Grave Churchman tells the Duke that “it is an absurdity to read the absurdities” Don Quixote Tale – contained in Part One of Don Quixote’s history.

The Grave Churchman Calls the Duke A Fool For Humoring Don Quixote: The Grave Churchman tells the Duke that “Don Quixote, or Don Idiot, or whatever his name is, is not half the idiot that his Grace would like to turn him into,” since he encourages him to perform the most preposterous and ludicrous antics. In fact, the Grave Churchman swears by the habit that he wears, that he is “on the verge of declaring that the Duke is as much a fool as Don Quixote himself is, for how can he fail to be mad, he wonders, when a sane men sanctions his madness?”

The Grave Churchman Tells The Duke That He Will Have To Answer To God For Humoring Don Quixote: The Grave Churchmen tells the Duke that since he will have to answer to the Lord for Don Quixote’s doings, he will burn in hell with a guilty conscience.

The Grave Churchman Refuses To Live In The Duke’s Castle With Don Quixote and Sancho Panza: The Grave Churchman says that so long as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza reside in the Duke’s house, he will stay in his, and spare himself the trouble of reproving what he cannot remedy. Thus, without uttering another word, or eating another mouthful, the Grave Prelate storms out of the castle, in a flurry of indignation.


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