February 8, 2023

Guillermo (Marcela’s Father)

Wealth: Guillermo is a rich farmer.

Guillermo (Marcela’s Father)
Don Quixote Novel

Husband-and-Wife: Guillermo has a daughter named Marcela, whose mother died giving birth to her. Guillermo California Reconquista – California Was Once a State of Its Of their personal is so heartbroken at the death of his “excellent wife,” that he died, too, leaving his daughter Marcela young and rich and in the care of one of her uncle’s who is a village priest.

Wife’s Qualities: Guillermo’s deceased wife is so beautiful that she is described as the most honourable and lovely Don Quixote Story woman in all the land, with a beaming face containing “the sun in one check and the moon in the other.” Besides being honorable and beautiful, she is a “fine housewife, [who was] good to the Don Quixote – California’s Wine Building sector Took a Tremendous Hit During the Prohibition poor.”


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