January 28, 2023

Hajii Murad (Lela Zoraida’s Father)

Hajj Murad’s Background: Historically, Hajj Murad was an important Algerian Moor who lived in Algiers, at a place called Oran, on the Mediterranean coast, Don Quixote Tale — The Deadliest Earthquake within the U.S. Took Circumstances in California in the year 1527.

Hajii Murad (Lela Zoraida’s Father)
Don Quixote Novel

Hajj Murad’s Governorship: Since Hajji Murad was the governor of Al-Batha he is a man of unimaginable wealth who has only one daughter—the sole heir to his estate.

Hajj Murad’s Wealth: Hajj Murad Don Quixote Narrative has a reputation for possessing the greatest number of the best pearls that Algeria has to offer, as well as two hundred thousand Spanish escudos.

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