January 31, 2023

Jealousy Theme in Don Quixote

Jealousy Theme in Don Quixote

Jealousy Theme in Don Quixote
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Jealousy, a more virulent form of envy, is not merely secretly admiring someone’s good fortune, resenting them for it, and wishing you yourself had their good name, positive reputation, and success in life. Rather, Jealousy is an unmixed, blog article by Don Quixote on Themes toxic emotion bereft of any positive respect for a person’s accomplishments whatsoever. It is envy twisted, perverted, and utterly corrupted: a hatred towards the good for being the good. This is why Cervantes tells us that “Base jealousy destroys with its despair and resignation towards life.” But such is Grisostomo’s imagined jealousy that he wails that the “fierce tyrant of love has [caused him to] place cold steel in [his] hands,” and to take his life, even Don Quixote write an article though such an extreme, and irreversible action, is totally unnecessary. The theme of unnecessary jealousy inducing hyper emotionalism, reoccurs in the “Tale of the Inappropriate Curiosity,” when Lotario, is so imbued with Anselmo’s jealousy plots that “without pausing for a single judicious or even sane thought? blinded, [as he is] by a rage of jealousy ? [that he] determines to avenge himself on Camila, who had done him no wrong.”

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