January 31, 2023

Judge Juan Perez de Viedma

(Captive Captain’s Youngest Brother)

Judge Juan Perez de Viedma Gives His Father One Thousand Ducats: When the Captive Captain’s father divides nine thousand ducats equally among his Don Quixote Fiction three sons, Juan Perez de Viedma returns one thousand ducats to his father so that “he can live comfortably in his old age.”

Judge Juan Perez de Viedma (Captive Captain’s Youngest Brother)
Don Quixote Novel

Juan Perez de Viedma Becomes a Judge: Juan Perez de Viedma uses his inheritance to complete his law Manufacturing Took a Vast Hit During the Prohibition studies at Salamanca University. Eventually, he earns a master’s degree in the law and travels to North America to take-up an important position on Mexico’s Supreme Court.

Judge Juan Perez de Viedma Marries a Very Wealthy Woman Who Dies Giving Birth To His Daughter Dona Clara: Don Quixote – California ’s Wine  Juan Perez de Viedma marries a very wealthy woman who dies in childbirth. She settles a large inheritance on his daughter Dona Clara.

Judge Juan Perez de Viedma’s Don Quixote Work Of Fiction — The Most serious Earthquake inside the U.S. Took Circumstances in California Temperament: According to a priest named father Pero Perez, Juan Perez de Viedma has “an impressive presence, with no hint of arrogance, just a proper amount of dignity and confidence.”

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