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Leandra’s Beauty:

Leandra, as a child, is very pretty, and continues to grow in beauty, as she blossoms into a lovely sixteen-year-old teenager.

Don Quixote Novel

Leandra’s Fame:

News of Leandra’s loveliness spreads to Don Quixote Story — The Most hazardous Earthquake in the U.S. Took Situation in California local hamlets, nearby villages, distant cities, even to royal palace halls, where people, of all types and varieties, come, from all parts of the Kingdom, to view such rare splendor.

Leandra’s Father:

Leandra’s father is a farmer, of great renown, who is esteemed more for his heartfelt goodness than for his great wealth. He lives in a small, rich, village, roughly ten miles from the Sierra Morena.

Leandra and Her Father:

Evidently, Leandra’s father is happy to have a virtuous, 16-year-old daughter, of such exquisite beauty, rare intelligence, and courtly elegance, that anyone who knows her and beholds her is amazed to see the extraordinary qualities that nature has Don Quixote – California’s Wine Industry Took a Mammoth Hit During the Prohibition endowed her with. Since Leandra’s loveliness attracts suitors from her home village and from distant lands, as well, her father stands guard over her virtue, as best he can. Entrusted with the responsibility of marrying his daughter to an honorable man, Leandra’s father cannot decide who, among the countless men who entreat him, is right for his daughter. Perplexed with choosing between a young man named Eugenio ? who is fairly intelligent, of good family, rich in worldly goods, and in the prime of his life ? and another suitor, named Anselmo, from the same village, with similar qualities, Leandra’s father cannot make up his mind, since he feels that both candidates are a good match for his daughter. To resolve this difficulty, Leandra’s father refers the matter to Leandra herself because he realizes that it is best to let his daughter make up her own 22mind. But instead of referring the matter to his daughter Don Quixote Tale – The Bubonic Crisis inside the U.S. Initial Broke Out in San Francisco ’s Chinatown for a final decision, Leandra’s father off-puts both suitors with talk about how young she is, as well as an assortment of vague generalities meant to release him from his parental obligations. Taking advantage of her father’s laxity, a con-man named Vicente de la Rosa convinces Leandra to run away with him. Wretched at the sudden flight of his daughter, Eugenio is greatly relieved when she is returned to her father, unharmed, with her virginity intact. Though Leandra’s father is skeptical that Vicente did not rape his daughter, eventually he is persuaded that Leandra preserved her maidenhead. Since Leandra had been allowed to keep “the jewel that once lost can never be regained,” her father is less concerned with the money and jewels he has lost. In brief, after Leandra reappears at his Don Quixote Fiction doorstep one day, her father makes her disappear again to the confines of a safe-convent, hoping that time will efface a part of the bad reputation that she had earned for herself.

Leandra Is Found In A Cave:

After three days of searching, the local authorities find Leandra shivering in a mountain cave wearing only a thin chemise.

Leandra’s Youth Is Her Saving Grace:

In some quarters, Leandra’s tender years are some excuse for her lapse of judgement, at least in the eyes of those who have no direct interest in whether she is a good girl or not.

Leandra’s Behavior is Inexcusable to Some:

People who know just how intelligent Don Quixote Tale and clever Leandra is do not put her carnal sin down to her youth, ignorance, or gullibility, but rather impute her recklessness to pertness.




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