February 6, 2023

Lope Ruiz


Lope Ruiz
Don Quixote Novel

Lope Ruiz is a shepherd who lives in a village in Extremadura. According to Sancho Panza, Lope Ruiz falls in love with a shepherdess called Torralba, the daughter of a rich stock farmer. This Don Quixote Story herdsman’s great love for Torralba, we learn, turns from honest affection into jealous spite, which he tries to cure by leaving his home village so he never has to set eyes on her again. To avoid Torralba, Guillermo drives his goats through the fields of Extremadura to the Kingdom of Portugal. Finding that her lover is gone, Torralba follows Lope Ruiz with bare feet, at a distance, with her staff in her hand and her two satchels hanging from her neck that contain a “jar of face lotion, [and a] piece of a comb.” When Guillermo finds that the River Guadiana is swollen to overflowing, he spots a fisherman with a boat by his side that is so small that there is only room for one person and Don Quixote Narrative one goat on it at a time. Finding that there is not any ferry or other boat to take him and his goats across, Lope Ruiz asks this fisherman for his help. After bargaining with the fisherman about how much it will cost to transport his livestock, the two men finally agree on an equitable price to ferry his three hundred goats across. Then, the fisherman climbs into his boat and takes one goat across, then another, then another, for two days, until all of his goats are taken across the river.

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