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Luscinda’s Beauty:

During her wedding to Don Fernando, Luscinda is richly dressed Don Quixote Story and adorned since her rank and beauty deserve the perfection of elegance and courtly poise. Cervantes then describes the singular beauty of her lovely blond hair, comparing it to the sparkling stones in her hair that shine, as well as the light of four torches that burn in the hall.

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Luscinda’s Dress:

At her marriage to Don Fernando, Luscinda wears a wedding dress Don Quixote Novel that is crimson and white, with glinting jewels in her hair and on her clothes.

How Luscinda Sends Her Second Letter to Cardenio:

When Luscinda sees a man walk down the street in front of her house in midday, she calls out from her window, with eyes full of tears, to ensure that an urgent letter reaches the person and the place to which it is addressed without delay. To sweeten the pot, Luscinda throws the messenger a handkerchief from her window with a hundred reals and a gold ring, so that he delivers her letter rapidly. In brief, Luscinda pays this messenger so handsomely that he does not entrust the package to anyone else, but delivers it himself. To do so, he travels sixty miles on horseback, over rugged land, in sixteen hours, to give Cardenio Luscinda’s letters.

Luscinda and Her Parents:

Luscinda’s father, thinking that he is obliged by good form to block Cardenio from entering his teenage daughter’s house, hinders his daughter’s budding love for Cardenio by not allowing her to see him. But when Cardenio asks Luscinda’s father permission to marry his daughter, eventually he concedes if Cardenio’s father asks him. But when Cardenio asks Luscinda’s father to postpone his marriage to his daughter until he travels to see what Duke Ricardo wants, Luscinda’s father agrees. In turn, Luscinda “confirms [his] promises with vows and swoons of her own.” Later, Luscinda writes to Cardenio to ask him to get his father to ask her father for her hand in marriage, since her father knows and approves of Cardenio. Disregarding his daughter’s happiness, Luscinda’s father’s greed causes him to eagerly give his consent to Luscinda marrying Don Fernando instead of Cardenio, since Don Fernando is the rich heir of a ducal grandee of Andalusia. Luscinda’s marriage to Don Fernando is understandable since it is not surprising that “a young girl, [immured in her parent’s house,] accustomed to obeying them always, should have decided to fall in with their wishes, because they were giving her as a husband a gentlemen who was so eminent, so rich and so noble that, if she’d refused him, it could have been thought either that she was out of her mind or that she had another lover,” which would have been prejudicial to her good name and honour. After Luscinda’s father forces his daughter to marry Don Fernando for his money and power, Luscinda runs away from her parents house, in protest, and is nowhere to be found. In turn, Reconquista Fighting Luscinda’s absence drives her parents out of their minds with worry since they do not know what they can do to trace her.

Luscinda Goes To A Convent:

Luscinda goes to a convent, with the intention of staying there for the rest of her life if she cannot share it with Cardenio.



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