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Orphans Theme in Don Quixote

Orphans Theme in Don Quixote

Don Quixote
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A varied theme in Don Quixote is the swindling of orphans, or the saving of orphans, or people being made orphans, or the mistreatment of orphans, or taking proper care of orphans, or guarding orphans. For example, readers learn that the first tavern owner, a former picaroon, or criminal, did many wrongs in his previous life, such as “wooing many widows, ruining a few maidens and swindling a few orphans.” Mistreatment of orphans continues when a wicked farmer named Juan Haldudo whips an orphan boy Andres for asking for his back Don Quixote write an article wages. This is why Don Quixote “wrests the scourge from the hand of the pitiless enemy who was so unjustly flogging that delicate child.” Indeed, readers learn that “as time went by and wickedness increased, the order of knights errant was founded, to succour orphans.” Later, when Dorotea pretends to be princess Micomicona, she tells readers that her “father, the King, whose name was Tinacrio the Sage, was very learned in what are named the magic arts, and he divined my mother, whose name was Queen Jaramilla, was going to die before him, and that a little after that he too would depart this life and she’d be left an orphan.” Therefore, as soon as the giant, Malambruno, knew princess Micomicona was an orphan, he plans on invading her kingdom Don Quixote officially announced at the head of a great army. Four hundred and fifty-seven pages later, Sancho Panza compares whipping his back-side with punishment in an orphanage: “three thousand three hundred lashes [is] something that no boy in any orphanage, however wretched he may be, fails to receive every month.” Sixty pages later, when a woman is being judged by the Governor of Barataria, “she beseeches Don Quixote article: improving Novel God to watch over the life and health of the lord Governor, who takes such good care of needy, orphaned, maidens. Forty seven pages later, Teresa Panza writes her husband that she confiscated a bushel of new nuts with a bushel of old ones, empty and rotten, for the children in the orphanage, who won’t have any trouble sorting them out. Finally, one hundred and thirty one pages later readers learn that Don Quixote de la Mancha is the guardian of minors and orphans.



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